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What's good RapBellions Worldwide.Stand Up!

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France Represents! Respect.✊

After RapBellions Post 1, RapBellions Post 2 , Post 3 & 4
i am happy to present the french version of "I do not participate".
Still, some constructive criticism on the title and writing/expressing
yourself in denial in general.From the perspective of a conscious Co-Creator
of the Universe you should know that your words create realities:
Thoughts, Words, Deeds
No , not & never create actually the opposite of what you want.
So either avoid denial completely or end your phrase creational,
in this case e.g.: "My Body, my Choice" becauce "I do not participate"
really says from the point of view of creation: "I do participate".
The Universe does not "overstand" denial in creation.
I want to dedicate an extra post one day, when i find more time.
"Stop" , in my humble opinion, expresses the end of something.
I think this will work better on demonstration...like e.g.:

Stop all mandatory vaccinations & mandates , especially Covid19.

Arrest Bill Gates & Impeach the corrupt governments around the world, plus get Big Pharma liable for the damage they caused.


My Body, my Choice!

Bless Up. 1 Love


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