Three Tune Tuesday - W87 - Mixed Bag Of Metal

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Mixed Bag Of Metal

We are short on words and long on tunes this week... I missed last week though 😐

Get those headphones on and turn it up!

First up we have: Gimme That Boom by Skindred.

I've been listening to Skindred since Babylon.. this song is their latest release from the Smile album coming in August. Love these guys and their style! 🤘

Nobody gets out of dis shark pit alive.. Nobody, nobody gets out alive. From way back 😄

Skindred - Wikipedia

Next up we have Meet Your Maker by In Flames

New this past week is the latest from In Flames, from the Forgone album releasing in Februrary.

In Flames - Wikipedia

Next up we got the final selection.. Dot Your Eyes by Five Finger Death Punch

I've had a such a great time this past week, my anger management skills have been put to the test yet again. It was either this or Boots and Blood.. so I went with this one.. bout sums up up my attitude these past few days. 💯

Sometimes it's a bitch being nice, and well behaved. Lord knows sometimes... let's just not go there and say we did... cuz.. yeah. 😂

Five Finger Death Punch - Wikipedia

I hope you enjoyed my TTT selections. Share some music.. it won't kill you.

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Have A Lovely Day


That... that was definitely metal!

Thanks.. yeah I gotta keep myself in check... so metal it is! 😂
Have a great night my friend!

I really liked the first song!!

The other 2 songs... I guess it is the singing? Deep screaming? that I do not care for cuz the music is cool.
but I am still trying L:OLLL

LOL.. yeah those 2 were a little heavy with the vocals.. but oh so good! You will get there, or I will die tryin. 🤣