The DNA of song lyrics are like a difficult family member....

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So before we wrote lyrics we wrote a lot of poems that have been published many we just write lyrics for songs not only for the Stick Up Boys but for lots of other artists too. We are often called in to do little bits of additional writing or edits on different projects. We thought we would start sharing some of the lyrics we write on Hive. This week we are looking at a song called DNA.

AAPN1865 (1).JPG

The Song

DNA is maybe one of my favourite songs I have written. I love the vibe and organic nature of this song. The crunchy guitars and out of control analogue synths give this song a life of their own.

You can listen to it here:


3 (1).png

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Very nice one and great thoughts, you cant fight your DNA.

nope it is what it is.....

!LUV this track, I have my precious NFT also 😍


Nice one bro, I love it too and I am glad you got an NFT of it. Thanks for the support as ever