Ugochill Music goes to Brighton (part 2)

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"My vacation has begun, but before I join my family, I had to make a short trip to UK (Brighton) on my own, with the sole purpose of meeting in person dear friend Juxta founder of Atom Collectors Records and Rising Star Game. @atomcollector , @risingstargame , and Stick Up Boys. @stickupboys ."



Yes. Yesterday, finally, after so many years of being in touch, collaborating, communicating or simply having fun online during Sunday Radio Evolved shows, we met in person and had a really nice day.
A bit of time off, the ease of travelling between Amsterdam and Brighton made it possible and you could say mission accomplished. It was worth every minute of it.
Just a simple, nice day being in the company of people you already like and have very much in common with, but cannot see often in person. We talked about everything, personal matters, music, game, hive and etc... Really nice day.

Today I'm already back, it is almost like the movie Snatch kind of travel. Totally cool. :) Now I have to join my family for the rest of the vacation.

Brighton as city.... Very chillax vibe. It reminded me more of Amsterdam than of London, that is for sure. :)
It is a very relaxed, quite pretty and also historically and culturally rich place. That is an impression that one can get at such short notice, but also before arriving I also had quite a few friends of mine, who had been to Brighton previously, and they all told me that I would like it, and that they liked it.

And I could see very quickly what they meant. Dozens upon dozens of pubs, caffes, music or comics shops, shops, venues, awesome beachfront that you cannot see where it begins where it ends.
Definitely worth visiting in any case. That Brighton happend to be the location of our meeting, made it all even better.

I'll post a few photos that I took. I did not have that much time, but having accommodation in the heart of the city gave me the opportunity to still spend some good hours walking around. Sightseeing.










Nice. I'm sure if this crazy world let us, this was the first but not the last time we met in person. Perhaps, next time in Amsterdam and Juxta or Stick-Up Boys write travel blog instead of me. :) I'm also hoping on future opportunities to meet in person even more friends from this awesome music and game community.
I feel really good about this.
We keep on Rocking.!

Much regards and love to all of you.

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Awesome!! Looks like alot of fun and a nice city! I wish I could have been there too. :( !PIZZA

Absolutely. I can tell you the same thing they told me. You would love the place. :)


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Beautiful!!!! I would love to meet you all but I'm waaaaayyyyyy over here in America 😎

hahaha :) yeah I know.


Visit meeeeee!!! 😂 🤣 I am in the USA!


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Awesome to meet you bro and thanks for a lovely evening !PIZZA

Thank You.!! Till the next episode. :)

That's so cool.. I'm glad that happened for you guys.. Cool pictures as well

Very cool, what a lovely picture all togeteher!!!!



Missing a bit more faces :)

I would !LUV to be there bro!!!

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Brilliant mate so glad you all met up ;)


:) Yeah.


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Total awesomeness that you guys met up! Let me know next time and I'll come down to Brighton!

Wow I absolutely love this. May I say I am a little envious he he... 3 cool guys! It is wonderful you could finally meet up & cement those bonds. The photo made me smile.:) Someday, I will "straighten up & fly right" so I can meet you all ;)

And @stickupboys, who is the man behind that mask??


Hmmm...inquiring minds want to know. 😂 🤣 You need to bug him @tdctunes !! 💚

Thank you for sharing your adventures @ugochill! You are awesome!


Thank You on your kind words.!

I learned a long time ago not to let opportunities to have good moments and memories slip by.
Is it with family or friends or even music making you want to have a good song not only in your head, but recorded and played and in the end listened to it too?

Best regards.

Amen, my friend. So beautifully put & I agree 100%. It's all a journey so why not enjoy it? 🤗💚✨

Do it!

Don't tempt the Pixie 😂 🤣


I know what he looks like behind the mask. But @stickupboys also knows my home address so I can't reveal any more information!



HA HA HA HA!! Damnn....come on now, I have pixie dust!


I am sure @stickupboys will tell me. Or do I have to resort to him sending me Bubble Gum drinks, too??

Oooo that would make a great video!! 😂 😂 🤣



The more the merrier on the bubble gum drinks! (though I feel it's time soon to try the Cotton Candy!)

HA HA yes! That can be your comeback show on Monday. High light the cotton candy! I am ready!! 😂