Ugochill Music goes to Brighton (part 1)

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Hi everyone. :)
This is my debut travel blog and first time using hive keychain app, so in front I apologise if there would be some glitches or typing mistakes.
My vacation has began, but before I join my family I had to make short trip to UK (Brighton) on my own, with sole purpose of meeting in person dear friend Juxta founder of Atom Collectors Records and Rising Star Game. @atomcollector , @risingstargame , and Stick Up Boys. @stickupboys .
Would love to meet even more friends from above mentioned community but naturally not everyone could make it.
Although this is the first time I guess it is not the last time making such visit.
I’m not sure for how many years already we are in touch.Seven, Eight years perhaps even more?.
What Juxta is doing all these years, passionately and selflessly has great and very positive impact on my life.
For some time already I wanted to visit to give my gratitude and meet Jux in person,but as we all know last few year’s were not travel friendly.
So here we are.
Amsterdam is not far and one can travel between Amsterdam and London quite easily.
Amsterdam is great city.Love travelling too, so it always feels good to leave and feels good to come back.


Although these are busy days on the airport I was fortunate to have smooth trip without any hassle, so in just few hours I was already in Brighton.
Perfectly situated right in the center of the city,I’m literally surrounded with pubs, shops, caffès and the vibe I get is completely in line for what I have already heard about this lovely city.It will be short stay but I’ll do my best to see and meet this place as much as possible.
Tomorrow is the day….weather should be alright too.Looking very much forward.
Life is sometimes very nice lady. :)

To be continued….



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you should try the pinmapple community that is cool for travel....

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Woo hoo!! You made it! And thank you so much for tagging us! The photos are awesome & wow, Brighton really looks amazing. I can see why @stickupboys & @tdctunes like it there. This really is making me think of a future trip....

So happy your travels have been smooth so far! Have fun & give the guys a big hug for me (as well as you!). Much love & pixie dust!💚✨🤗


Thank You.!!! :)


Well Brighton has @stickupboys secret lair so it's definitely cool!

London has my modular cave though.. but then they aren't very far apart!


Heck yeah! I have the Pixie Palace here but it is too far away!! 😞 😂


Let's all go to the Pixie Palace! (it's an actual palace right??)

HA HA HA HA Yessss. come visit me and Timmy!! You guys are definitely welcome!

And Tim, of course Pixie Palace is real...pshhh LOL ;)



I did once go past Reno on a trip where I crossed the US by train. I met a guy on the train who was moving there (moving by train so he can't have had much stuff!). But sadly I did not at that time know about the existence of the world wonder known as the Pixie Palas so alas did not stop there. Next time!

Oh wow! The train ride sounds amazing. I would love to do a cross country trip like that someday. The guy you met sounds like how I moved to Reno; only I did it on a Greyhound (from NY). That in itself was an adventure! LOL

It is so funny how we pass by certain locations before we know certain people in our lives. Life is so synchronistic that way! Since the Pixie Palace is a relatively new place, it may not have even existed yet at that time - just the Pixie he he.

Yes, absolutely the next time, for sure! You can see where the Pixie Dust is made ha ha. 🙌🧚🏼‍♀️🧡



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Glad you had a good trip to Brighton! So you are living in Amsterdam? Going to Hive Fest? If so I'll see you there! If not give me a shout if you are ever in London!