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The Starling and the Willow

Grandfather North began his hyperborean reign; from his lips algid slivers and shards descended; so began the season of Cimmerian shade.

IMG_2118 (2).jpeg

The willow stood naked, elegant, and graceful
Lithe limbs dancing to a dirge of the iced, the elegiacal

She whispered to the shivering starling

Come, little bird, take harbourage
Among my impoverished laments
I offer shelter, all I have to give
Come; endure this dark together


The starling drew near
Flew among her wind-blown tears
His wings grew strong and supple
But within the ephemeral, the wispy
There was no terra on which to settle


The starling said a still, sturdier roost, I must find

He flew to a nearby silent and stoic maple
Upon its thick branches, most dependable
He plumped out his iridescent plumes
Thought ne’er of the laments of the willow


And here our tale of amour becomes one of sorrow
Love stands powerless as nature levels her fatal blow

A starling can fly but must eventually come to nest
A willow remains moving while always at rest
A starling is a starling, a willow a willow
Neither can change, for love or for woe

So the starling keeps; so the willow weeps


From My Antartica ...

You can make your rhymes
And paint your rules
In black and white
For me to memorize
But never understand
And there will be time
For a thousand vows
Oh a thousand promises
We forgot
To be realized

IMG_2107 (1).jpeg


deeply rooted, gently swaying
may the wind, its cold caress
keep you content

ethereal, mecurial
you'll offer no perch
for those that wish
to be seen

IMG_2118 (1).jpeg

The days be gray and short, Hivelanders. All the more reason to get out there and soak up the liquid sunshine. It's Wednesday, or just about, and time for the celebration of perambulation, strolling, and meandering. Here comes my #WedenesdayWalk, hosted by the amazing @tattoodjay


Despite the sad note the post began on, my walk was nothing of the kind. I'd finished my Russell Brand episode and gotten breakfast for my son. Slipped on some soft soles, my favorite UBC hoodie, and phones into my ears. Cue Playlist number three on Spotify and a Grimes remix. Feeling were high.

(Unsupported https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/39ZSEAx0Y1GN00GODPg7wT?utm_source=generator)

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Awesome photos and such an interesting post to read

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, its always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks

You have shared always very great and meaningful peotry with us. Overall photography is awesome but last picture is my favorite in your photography. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you:)

Beautiful photos, I especially liked the shells in the 4th photo from the top.

Thank you:)