Here we go again Hive - set me a challenge for my live radio show tonight!

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For last week's requests and clips of me attempting them in the comments check out:

It was a lot of fun last week - so lets go again!

TDC Tunes Brixton Radio 22 November 2021.jpeg

Please reply with any challenges or requests for my live radio show - could be anything: sound design, tempo, mood, key - even the colour of my lighting!

NB: If you haven't watched before - this is an hour long set where I create electronic music from scratch with a modular synthesizer. So bear that in mind with your requests!

It's not necessarily restricted to electronic sounds though as I do have the ability to prepare some samples in advance and trigger those from the modular - lets see what you come up with!

Please respond with any requests, however wacky in the comments to this post and I'll see what I can do with them!

You can watch the show at 9pm UK time in any of these ways:

Preferred: Vimm - here on hive!

NB: I will attempt to stream to Vimm - though it sometimes isn't working for me and during the show I'm unable to keep retrying as I need to focus on the music. I will always try and kick it off on Vimm at the beginning though as I really want to support @vimm and doing as much as possible on Hive!


Regardless - the stream will always be broadcast on my Twitch channel - and here's a clip from a previous show to give you an idea of what it's all about:

Lots and lots of THANK YOUs

Thanks loads to @stickupboys @fatasfunk @creodas @quinnertronics and @polarmystro for getting involved and setting me challenges last week and to @pixiepost for joining and getting really into the fun in the chat during the set! Really appreciate it folks!

@polatmystro - I've rolled your request for bells and a 'synthetic rhodes' over to this week as I didn't see them in time this week! Always open to more though!

And finally a big thanks to Brixton Radio for having me on their station and supporting experimental electronic music! You can find all sorts of sets by great up and coming DJs over on their Mixcloud:

See you later for the electronic music madness!


It was a blast, hanging out with you, @stickupboys & the are great at your music. It was really interesting how many emotions it would put us all through, too!!

I am looking forward to attending another one soon. Unfortunately, I missed the one yesterday but since I have Twitch, I followed you & will look for the next one!

Keep being awesome! :) 🧡✨


Hey - thanks so much for following and your super nice words!

This especially is so good to hear:

interesting how many emotions it would put us all through

I'd rather a couple of people listen and experience some emotions than 1000 people listen and feel nothing. This is what music is all about! I could write more about the emotional side but I feel a whole post coming on about that so will add that to my to post list real soon!

In terms of what you missed - let's just say the chat wasn't quite the same without you and I think @theturtleproject and @stickupboys needed a mediator:

Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 15.47.32.png


OMG those guys REALLY need a mediator, for sure!!! Or at least someone to remind them of their special day since apparently it's so forgettable 😂🤣

And btw, I am looking forward to that post!! :) Music is an important aspect of my life so I love hearing different views about it, too. Emotions play a big part in all of it.🧡


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Just listened to the clip and it sounded awesome! :)

Hey thanks so much! !PIZZA

You're welcome! I just listened to the whole thing this afternoon while I was animating. It was brilliant! Dunno where the link has gone or where I found the stream, I can't see it anymore. Anyway it was perfect animation music.


Ah cool - thanks so much and I'm really glad it worked for you. If you watched from the post above that was last week's show, or if you watched my [Live] Post last night that would have been todays.

You can find any streams in the last 14 days (plus clips and highlights from older ones) - here:


And if you just want to listen in the background and don't need the video there are a whole bunch of (audio only) old ones here:


I don't know where I clicked, I was absentmindedly scrolling my feed to have 5 minutes away from work, so I wasn't really paying attention. :) I think it must have been from this post though. There's a lot of music that I can't listen to when I'm working, but yours is super chilled.

I'll check out the links above, and listen to some more tomorrow. :)


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