New Record in Rising Star | BeaTraxx - Synthwave Collection Volume #1

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Hello guys! 😊

How are you doing?

My body isn´t doing well today. We had 36-38 degrees the last day, and today we have 18. And everytime this big difference happens, my body feels like shit...
I hope I will feel better tomorrow. 😅

I just released a new record in Rising Star!

BeaTraxx - Synthwave Collection Volume 1.png

This is another collection of my BeaTraxx songs. This time, it´s the first Synthwave Collection - The Summer Edition. So all songs are good mood songs! 😄

I hope you like it!

It´s the second BeaTraxx record I released in Rising Star.
If you hold one of each of the first 3 released ones (the third one will come soon), you will get a fourth one for free! So go and get your copy now. 😊

BeaTraxx - Gaming Collection Volume 1 (1).png

I also have 3 Raven records in Rising Star, and the first one just sold out last week! 😃
I am very happy about this! Thank you very much for supporting!! 💜

Raven feat Kristin - Dance Directors Cut (1).pngRaven - Rising Star (1).pngRaven feat Elena K - You Say To Me Matt Nore Remix.png

See you as soon as my body feels better!

Best regards,


Still don´t play Rising Star? You should try! 😊

Raven Divider2.png

I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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!PIZZA for you my friend

Thank you! =) !PIZZA !LUV

Get well soon!


Thanks alot! :) !PIZZA

Awesome, I will listen out for it. I love synth-wave!

It's been 36 here too and man, meltdown time!!

Happy that you like synthwave! =) Oh yeah, the weather is really stressing me out a bit... :D

I'm catching a few of your tunes on Rising Star. #Awesome!

That´s great!! :)

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Thank you! :) !PIZZA


Hahahah! untitled.gif

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