'Cyph2.2' - New Original Music - Playing Around w/ ROLI's Cypher2 Demo - Electronic/Instrumental

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I was playing around with Cypher2

last night, which is a synth engine/plug-in from ROLI (I only have the demo, included with the Seaboard I bought). I was just initially picking sounds at random, and recorded a basic progression in Track 3. I didn't save the midi clip, but essentially, it was just playing chords that were stacked 5ths, starting with a C-G-D-A, then planing that whole shape up a minor third, back to the initial chord, then down a whole (so the bass notes moved from C to Eb, back to C and then to Bb). I addd some other little melody lines of sorts in Tracks 1 and 2, though they're not super out front, which I think actually turned out pretty cool. Track 4 was recorded from Swarmalator T, which created a random little line that I recorded, then chopped out a portion to fit. Tracks 5 and 6 are the only tracks I left as midi clips, as I needed to record anything from Cypher2 to audio, so when the demo ended I wouldn't lose any settings. Track 7 is another spacey background sound, and Track 8 sort of a similar thing, though I reversed each bar, to get a more interesting sound. Finally, we have Track 9 which uses the Technical Glitch Kit, a drumkit from Ableton's Glitch and Wash pack. I don't use this kit that much, but I like the sort of toy drum, tiny sound of them. Overall, this random session turned out pretty cool, so maybe I'll keep playing around with it, see where things go.

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Listen to Cyph2.2 here...

Hope you enjoy!

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