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Hello everyone, welcome to Afri-tunes week #63. How's everyone doing? I trust we all are doing okay. For this week I'd be performing the secular song as suggested in the community which is Holiday by Nigerian singer-songwriter and rapper Rema. Holiday is a really lovely tune with danceable beat, It is an Afrobeats song fused with Amapiano. The song basically has good and happy vibes which is the reason I have chosen to cover the song. It was released in February of this year (2023) and it became an instant hit and a crowd favourite, basically most of Rema's songs are hits...He never misses, He knows how to engage his audience with his catchy hooks and lovely rhythm. Covering this song wasn't so easy because of the many lyrics muddled up and at first I kinda had issues with the timing but later on I got it. Had to skip some lyrics lol so I could breathe properly, and still deliver vocally. I'm more of an R&B, soul singer but no excuses, believe me guys, I did my best 😉.

Holiday explains the struggle, pains and sacrifices on the way to the top. It gets ugly before it gets beautiful. Rema takes us on a journey in this song explaining all he had go through before he became relevant in the Industry, also thanking God for coming through. He dropped his EP in 2019 which was a success but most people didn't think he would last long in the industry due to his type of sound which is really unique and peculiar to him. He was laughed at, second guessed but he never doubted himself...He kept on dropping hits back to back that topped charts at home and abroad and this song is no exception. Rema started really young at the age of 19 where he dropped his first single, He recently clocked 23 on the first day of this month and he has proven himself to be deserving of a spot in the industry which is highly competitive. Rema's music has gone across borders, His music is widely accepted and he keeps breaking records. He believed in himself when most people didn't, He had to go through a lot just to get to the top and now he's made it...Everyday feels like a holiday for him, He can afford a lot of luxury now. He encourages us not to hate on those doing well, but rather we should pray to God to give us the ability to catch up and we should believe in ourself. With hard work and God's Grace, we would definitely thrive. I do hope you all enjoy 🎧 my cover of this smash hit. Enjoy your week everyone, cheers 🥂.





Hola a todos, bienvenidos a la semana #63 de Afri-tunes. ¿Cómo están todos? Confío en que todos estemos bien. Para esta semana, interpretaría la canción secular sugerida en la comunidad, que es Holiday del cantautor y rapero nigeriano Rema. Holiday es una melodía realmente encantadora con un ritmo bailable, es una canción de Afrobeats fusionada con Amapiano. Básicamente, la canción tiene buenas vibraciones y es la razón por la que elegí hacer una versión de la canción. Fue lanzado en febrero de este año (2023) y se convirtió en un éxito instantáneo y en el favorito del público, básicamente la mayoría de las canciones de Rema son éxitos... Nunca falla, sabe cómo atraer a su audiencia con sus ganchos pegadizos y su ritmo encantador. . Hacer una versión de esta canción no fue tan fácil debido a las muchas letras confundidas y al principio tuve problemas con el tiempo, pero luego lo entendí. Tuve que saltarme algunas letras jajaja para poder respirar correctamente y seguir cantando. Soy más un cantante de R&B, soul, pero no hay excusas, créanme, hice lo mejor que pude 😉.

Holiday explica la lucha, los dolores y los sacrificios en el camino a la cima. Se pone feo antes de ponerse hermoso. Rema nos lleva a un viaje en esta canción explicando todo lo que tuvo que pasar antes de volverse relevante en la industria, y también agradeciendo a Dios por superarlo. Lanzó su EP en 2019, que fue un éxito, pero la mayoría de la gente no pensó que duraría mucho en la industria debido a su tipo de sonido, que es realmente único y peculiar para él. Se rieron de él, lo adivinaron pero nunca dudó de sí mismo... Siguió lanzando éxitos consecutivos que encabezaron las listas de éxitos en el país y en el extranjero y esta canción no es una excepción. Rema comenzó muy joven a la edad de 19 años, donde lanzó su primer sencillo. Recientemente marcó 23 el primer día de este mes y ha demostrado que merece un lugar en la industria que es altamente competitiva. La música de Rema ha traspasado fronteras, su música tiene mucha aceptación y sigue batiendo récords. Creía en sí mismo cuando la mayoría de la gente no lo hacía. Tuvo que pasar por muchas cosas solo para llegar a la cima y ahora lo logró... Todos los días se sienten como vacaciones para él. Ahora puede permitirse muchos lujos. Él nos anima a no odiar a los que lo hacen bien, sino que debemos orar a Dios para que nos dé la capacidad de ponernos al día y debemos creer en nosotros mismos. Con trabajo duro y la gracia de Dios, definitivamente prosperaremos. Espero que todos disfruten 🎧 mi versión de este gran éxito. Disfruten de su semana a todos, saludos 🥂.




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This guy! What a performance, I love it. You should do this more often Sam, now I know why @ksam was calling us candle 😂.

Thanks to him too I found this post earlier, hehe.

Keep it coming buddy, you are indeed a star, let me go and learn how to sing oo, I want to be a star too 🤓.

Aww thank you so much Hope, I try my grateful to God for the gift always 🙏. Lol candle, as in I nor understand ooo 😅. You're a star girl, keep doing your thing 💗

You're always welcome Sam. Don't mind me I was only looking for Ksam trouble, lol.

Thank you so much for the kind words too 🥰

Me sef no understand the candle oooo

Which one be candle nau

Your Presentation is top notch, it's always difficult sometimes for me to cover some Rema and Ruger Songs because of how they twist and turn their vocals and tunes, but you did it effortlessly
You rock bro👍🎉🎤🎸

I appreciate you bro...thank you so much 🙏


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My guy you're on it again. Weldon for this wonderful rendition fir the week @sleemfit

It's an incredible one and I liked it

Weldon and many more of you


My bro thank you so much, I appreciate love my gee

You're most welcome bro

Keep doing more and more


Wow bro! How good you sound without the guitar. Eventually it's good to let go of the instrument and be free to sing and express yourself from the heart, although when you play you make it look very easy too. Congratulations for your talent and charisma, it's a great entry...

Thank you so much my friend, it's always nice having you around...thanks for the visit and I'm glad you think my entry is great, made my day already 😉...Blessings bro 🙏 @jesuslnrs

Had to skip some lyrics lol so I could breathe properly, and still deliver vocally

Lols, you're funny... But you still deliver very well though.

Good to see you drop an entry without your guitar, nice one my man.

Thanks a lot are kind, I appreciate it much 🙏

I like the song. I like your cover. You're doing well❤️

Thank you so much Moyin 😍🫂

You no dey fall hands at all
Beautiful presentation 😍

Thank you so much my guy🤍, you sabi better thing😉

Lol 😆
You're welcome 😁

Ahhh...Making sense anyhow my real g...Correct guy @sleemfit... You too much ooo... Na your own version of this song I dn hear o..I haven't listened to rema ooo but your version is enough for me...I'm not sure i'll listen to rema's own..

Lol bro abeg ooo, listen to the original cover be this. I try my best. Thanks for tuning in and enjoying bro, Blessings always 🙏

You try for this song o
Kudos to you

Aww thank you so much Glowie, I appreciate it much 🤗

You're welcome

Omo! This song is breath taking o, as in your breath go finish as you dey sing am 🤣 but you did it!

I remove cap for you Boss, music na your thing 😎💯

Nice cover, miss listening to you... Glad to listen today 😊 wherever did your guitar go to though?

Aww thank you so much Merit🤍...I kuku tried my best sha, I'm glad you liked it.. You're kind with words 😌...I'm grateful dear☺️. Lol I featured it in the video na, it was right beside me, check it out 😅

Honestly bro... this was vibes upon vibes... you killed it no be small.

I doff my cap to give reskpect ooo 🙌

My bro 😂, thank you know the vibes nau 😎

I'm blown away. You're the only one who did this song😅 like the song is hard and not everyone can pull up the song the way you did. Nice one my guy👏👏. Cut small soap for me naw🥺

Aww my gee...é no easy óò but I tried, so glad you're u liked it my guy. Love always 🤍

You do well👏🤗

Thank you my guy🤗

You're welcome🤗😊

I think the majority of Rema's songs are danceable.
It's the process of trying to get your way to the top isn't easy, but with determination, nothing can stop you.
One key word, believing in your self...Good for Rema, everyday is a holyday for him.
Well done

Thank you so much Jessica, I appreciate .... Belief in one's self is really crucial to success..