Afritunes week 64. Pray for me (cover) by Darey

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Greetings to every musician in the afritunes community, it's been a while I participated in the weekly entry for the community and today I decided to partake in it and be a member of it this week, getting to pick song to do every week is one of the most difficult thing for a musician in the hive community to do and I give commend to those who have been active and doing great song every week to do in the community. But today I will doing a cover of a song by Soweto which is titled pray for me.


I remember the first time I heard this song I really don't like it but as time goes on I realise there's a lot of meaning and lesson to learn in the music. The song was talking about a guy who wanted to leave his abode to go out and get means for himself to be able to survive but his father was not in support of it to leave and go so far. He was just expecting his dad to say a word of prayer and then he believe everything will work out well, but his father didn't agree so he left angrily and went for the city. He started hustling and within time he came back home as a successful man to prove to his father that he didn't just go to the city for fun but to make his life better.

The story line in the song was catchy. I did the cover with myself playing the guitar as an accompany, dont mind my voice because i am still a baby singer, the editing of the video was done with powerdirector application. I hope you enjoy while you watch the video.


Don't mind me mentioning week 63 in the video that was before time😌.


Woke up one Sunday morning
Told my daddy I’m leaving home
Going off to the city tomorrow
Even though I don’t know where to go
Daddy said son don’t be a fool
Cause life in the city is unbelievable
You could get broken oh you’re just a little boy
And you may never find your way

And I said I know I could get lost I know I I
I know I could get broken I know I
Forgive me father but I’ve got to take a chance
Oh I’m already gone so just

[ Chorus ]
Pray for me gbàdúrà fuń mi
Pray I find my way k’ori bamise
Oh forgive me father but I got to take a chance
Oh I’m already gone so just

Pray for me gbàdúrà fuń mi
Pray I find my way k’ori bamisе
Oh forgive me father but I got to take a chance
Oh I’m already gone so just pray for me

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Beautiful cover, I think you did great.
It's also good to see you again in the community after the long break hehe
The song tells the story, Darey composed a nice song that will be evergreen.

Nice one @mayorkeys

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I could remember I sang this song to my dad sometime in 2018 when I was going to leave my family for the first time to go work in another State, every other members of the family weren't in support of my decision, because I was quite young, except my Dad tho. So, I kept telling him to pray for me so I can continue to make him proud 😁.

You did the sing so well that it brought back good memories. You're getting good with this your guitar thing oo 😁, my boy is doing well 😂. Weldone 👍

This is one of darey songs that I love so much, the song is beautiful.

Nice try man, keep up the good work.

Thanks brother man🔥🔥

Well done ooo👏👏👏 I loved your presentation

Amazing presentation dear
One of the songs I love those days

Wow. Not only you i cherish the song a lot and its a song I will listen to over and over again

Right 👍
Well-done dear

This presentation is so wonderful
I love the Energy you put in the song.

Thanks so much for dropping by and giving a warm comment

You're most welcome 😊

Doing great with your guitar

Thanks so much. Its passion

That’s lovely