Afri-tunes #28: Imiete By Ibiso (Cover) By Khaleesii

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Hello everyone, welcome to afritunes week #28.


For this week, I decided to sing a song titled “IMIETE” by IBISO and the reason I chose this song is very simple.

Incase you didn’t know, I am from the southern part of Nigeria and while growing up and attending church, this song was always sang to the point that I could record this without checking for the lyrics.

Anyways the title IMIETE means thank you in Kalabari; a tribe in river state and the song is just a general thanksgiving song thanking God for provision.

I hope you enjoy my rendition of this song, thank you for watching.


Imiete Iyanabo
(Thank You my King)
You’ve done what nobody else could do
Imiete Iyanabo
My mouth will sing of Your praise

When I was hungry,
You gave me food,
When I was homeless,
You gave me shelter
When I had no child,
You gave me children
My mouth will sing of Your praise

Source: valuezInternational.blogspot
Written By: Ibiso


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Thank you so much

You're welcome @khaleesii! Have a nice day 😊👍

You too

This song just dey sweet me.. beautiful to have featured this week ..

😆 you know it abi?

Yes I do.. church girl.

😆 leave me jare

Hmm beautiful presentation dear, You did wonderfully well and I enjoyed it so much.
And then I love this song too in particular, it's very lovely. Good job, keep up the good work 👍

Thank you so much my friend, I also love this song so much

Amazing as always, well-done dear.

Thank you so much

So it's this same lady that sang this song, wow....mmm Nice presentation dear

Anyways thank you so much, I always appreciate it

I only knew the singer with one Pakabara song, didn't know she's also the singer of this piece

Oh okay, I get.

You dey always deliver as e dey hot 🔥
This one make sense no be small

Are you from Rivers or Bayelsa?
I thought you were Igbo sha 😅

Nice piece and thanks for sharing with us!

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Thank you so much and I am from Bayelsa state 😊

Oh wow!
That's nice and good to know 🥰

Yay! 🤗
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