Afri-tunes week 16 - Eye Adaba Cover

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Hello friends, it's another week for the afritunes weekly vibes which the lovers of music Shar their music cover and their vibes for music.. this week, I shall be creating a song cover which is titled eye Adaba by a popular musicians named Asa..
Here is the lyrics of the song and those that might want to listen to the original song, here is the Link


Oju mo ti mo
It's a new day
Oju mo ti mo mi
I've seen a new day
Ni le yi o, o
In this land
Oju mo ti mo, mo ri re o
It's a new day, I've seen joy
Eye adaba, eye adaba
Dove, dove
Eye adaba ti n fo lo ke lo ke
The dove which flies up in the sky
Wa ba le mi o, o
Come and descend upon me
Oju mo ti mo mo ri re o
It's a new day, I've seen joy

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Amazing one @heskay

Thanks ma'am..

You are welcome sir

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You're welcome @heskay.

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Thank you!

Thank you

ASA the Great
Her songs remain evergreen and ever relevant in every era and at all time.

"A new day has come"

A very beautiful song from ASA, and you did so well in your cover.

Great voice bro

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Thanks man I really appreciate your effort

Come and learn how to sing from me I am still your boss 😅

Indeed 😃😃😃😃 oya come and pay me so you can teach me😃

This song used to be my jam, you brought me memories

Awwwn! I am happy I'd made you remember your song

I am happy too


I can't forget this song sha... It's been awhile but it still sounds fresh in my memory.

Keep up the good job brother.

Thanks man