Change To Pack Prices Due To The Increase In The HIVE Price

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It's great to see HIVE increasing in value and holding strong even during a slight correction in the Bitcoin price.
As it has now held this level for a number of days we felt it was time to adjust the pack prices when purchasing with HIVE to reflect this.

So for the time being and subject to change if anything drastic happens with the HIVE price again prices are now as follows:

  • 2 HIVE / 2 SWAP.HIVE for a single pack
  • 12 Packs for 20 HIVE with a FREE Chopin (while stocks last)
  • 24 packs for 40 HIVE with a FREE Brahms (while stocks last)

We will continue to monitor the market closely and make adjustments as necessary when there is a little stability after any big moves.


Oh nc

New prices and within two days new Cards.
!Gif happy

This is a great change! I hope it gets implemented for other tokens as well.

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Correct move as it was a distortion in fixed price for packs with Hive.
Really appreciate the fast action on the matter!
Nice promotional with the free cards in multi buys :)
Maybe time for rising star packs to get a token is near ? 😁

thank you very, change price😄

This is awesome - we were discussing about the mismatched prices just yesterday xD

Nice, but still... 40% discount when bought with STARBITS

Noice!!Hive to the moooon!

que bueno vale esta mas accesible

Nice! Glad it's becoming more affordable for those of us that don't have too much hive yet.

Note: To buy packs using HIVE, have the HIVE in your wallet, NOT on hive engine.

I wonder if there is a way to implement this change for LEN tokens? Paying 40 LEN for a single pack is 3.5 in hive. (spotprice for selling LEN)
@liotes investors (@solymi) would thank you.

This is great news and I am glad you guys are updating prices to be reasonable.

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Guess with need to adjust as the market moves.

thanks. but for now i only buy using STARBITS

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This is a great call!

Thank you.

Nice, maybe I get myself a free Chopin now. :D

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hive is blowing up

I've bought a pack recently and noticed the change.

It's amazing.

Great news to hear! 😃

The increase in Hive value is amazing. I am very surprised it is staying above $2, I expected this a bit later down the road about a year :-)

With Christmas just around the corner, too. This couldn't be more timely. Kudos, my friends!


Yoo fam its a nice post man. I have seen the new cards today released by Raising star it was so cool and i wanna get those cards.
Keep up the good work bro.