AUDIUS VISUALIZER | Dillon Francis - REAL LOVE (feat. Aleyna Tilki) [LANG|V REMIX]

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THANK YOU to DRABS587 for playing this tune during his Stream this week!

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Great vocals. I like the beat as well.

Agreed on the vocals! Aleyna Tilki killed this track! Thanks very much for your note on the beat - that was us!

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Awesome track! I love that there are screen grabs from the DAW in the background of the video.

Logic I believe - I used to use it but a few years back switched to Ableton Live. Now I only open Logic if I need notation (the one feature Ableton just doesn't have!)

Logic's little brother - GarageBand Still! I'm still looking at the next DAW :)

Oh ok! Well I'm sure GarageBand does the job too! I don't think it matters that much which DAW you use, but it probably does matter how well you know your chosen one... because knowing it means a quicker workflow and being able to focus on the music now figuring out how to do things (though there is always more to figure out and sometimes that process leads to creativity... but that's probably another post!)



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