Godwin New Release by Valor Beats

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Godwin was my first attempt to really start building a new type of #beat that incorporated guitar heavily. I have to say I've come to love this one and it's my new favorite!

🎼 Add/Listen to Forget on Spotify, Apple music, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal and more here

I have one more beat lined up to release next week after which I might convert over to LoFi tracks. Depends on the inspiration I get this week and if I end up building a beat.

Also big shout out to LeoFinance for the release of #leothreads one of the coolest features on hive yet. It's really awesome that I found hive as a way to share my beats and with it earn a little while gaining exposure for it all. In fact the music actully starting to make a decent income of about $10 daily just from streams which is pretty solid!

With LeoThreads I now have another place to connect with more people, share my music and interact with others. Huge positives right there.


Nice work. I love it.

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