Guns N Roses - Civil War (Both Guitar SOLOS) w/ wah ;)

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Hello everyone - I hope you are all having a rocking week so far. Mine sure has been rocking, but not in a good way... I've been rocked with the flu! This is a pretty bad one to be honest, can't recall the last time a flu hit me like this!

That being said, here I am, on the recovery (and still looking pretty green...) but couldn't stay away from my guitars any longer!

Here I am playing Civil War by Guns N Roses! You might recall that I uploaded a vocal cover of this song with my acoustic guitar a few days ago... I said solos are coming soon, I don't break a promise!

I use 'wah' on my guitar just like Slash does for these solos. This is actually an 'autowah' set to the tempo of the tune. It's the first time I've used an autowah, I would always prefer pedal. My energy is super low and just wanted to focus on the tune - close my eyes and go! Business as usual ;)

This song had a significant meaning today just as much as ever. I mean... the world is in a pretty strange place in some ways... there are conflicts and things are still shook from the crazy past few years. Now I'm not going to get into politics here but I will say that I think humanity still has a chance haha! Our love for each other will previal! Let the love and music flow!

I sure do love Guns N Roses, and Slash is one of my main influences! He's in my top 5 easy, probably top 2-3 to be honest! Can never rank guitarists haha, but Gary Moore is #1 for me :)

I sure hope you all enjoy this! Peace and love!

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Awesome! Thank you very much!

Tremenda descarga, magistral demostración, saludos desde Perú!!

Thank you SO much! I really appreciate this man! So glad you enjoyed this!

Saludos desde New Zealand! :D

Oh this is so beautiful! I hope you are fully recovered soon!!!

Thanks so much Sally! :) glad you liked this!

I'm not 100% yet but I'm on the mend... I think. Still super congested. Funny thing is I hadn't been sick once over the past 3 years and now the flu has wiped me out. I had been around so many sick people with 'C' etc for ago, I think I got overconfident and thinking I was immune to all illness haha. I was actually speaking about it just before I got sick. Had a nice reality check that the flu is normal and anyone can get it, I've had it before.

I hope you are good and have a brilliant weekend! Lots of love x