Green Day - Time Of Your Life (Acoustic Cover)

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Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week has been great and that you have an awesome weekend ahead of you!

Here's an acoustic cover of another classic. Well, a classic in the era of 90s pop punk - a movement that will forever be engraved in time! So many great bands of this time - Green Day, Blink 182, Offspring, Sum41... and so many more!

Did you ever listen to pop punk? What bands are you into? If you like pop punk/rock music, I have an album to reccomend to you ;) yes... it is my own album! I am heavily influenced from this era! Let me know if you want to listen and I will link you to my YouTube :)

I also love blues music, and loads of rock music. Today I was listening to The Darkness. I would love to cover a tune from The Darkness but I sure can't sing that high haha! However, I will cover a guitar solo from them :) I will be seeing them live in October!

Well I shall leave this tune with you all and wish everyone a brilliant Friday. I'm signing out now and it's late here in NZ - time to chill and relax!

Peace and love!

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I heard this song a thousand times on my old mp3 device. Good times, easier times lol.

I really appreciate you singing beside you are not a singer, you are very brave in that regard.

Ohh, btw, how is doing your hand so far? Hope you are getting better from your injury.

Yes me too haha! Indeed - simple and easier times haha! The good old days ;)

Thank you so much! Yes I'm definitely not a singer, but it is something I want to work on and practice more, and I guess step 1 is just going for it. Hopefully in a year I will be able to look back and see some improvements :)

Aw thank you for asking! My hand is doing ok, I have to make sure I warm up properly and I can't play fast guitar solos for more than a few minutes... I just have to monitor it and make sure I don't over do it! Thank you for asking :)

Buena interpretación en la guitarra, sin duda Green Day fue una de mis bandas favoritas cuando estudiaba en el colegio, aunque no escuchaba muchas canciones de ellos, mi favorita eran dos: "Untittled" y "Jesus of Suburbias". Un abrazo.

Good guitar performance, without a doubt Green Day was one of my favorite bands when I was studying at school, although I didn't listen to many songs from them, my favorite was two: "Untittled" and "*Jesus of Suburbias *". A hug.

Hey man! Thank you very much! Me too :) I love many of their songs. I think the early stuff is the best. I love the late 90s era in punk and rock music!

Thank you very much for having a listen bro :)

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