Guns N Roses - Civil War (Acoustic Cover) …solos coming tomorrow ;)

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Hello everyone and happy Monday! Hope you all have a brilliant start to the week!

So here is one for you all! Civil War! I personally LOVE this song! It hits hard, love the message and to be honest I think it is just as relevant today. Guns N Roses are one of my favourite bands, I still love them just as much as ever.

Guns N Roses are playing here in Auckland in December, I want to get tickets but they're like $200 each... so don't think I can afford it :/ oh well :)

This cover is a little loose, I'm just jamming through it really and enjoying it! I have to sing it lower as don't have the range of Axl Rose! That would be amazing haha!

Tomorrow, I will post the GUITAR SOLOS of this song! That is much more familiar for me, and probably something you will all enjoy too!

Still working on my singing and will be uploading lots of vocal covers and originals!

Well, stay tuned - solos are on the way!

Peace and love :)

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I don't think this cover is a bit weak. Your performance is great and you enjoyed it, which is one of the tools we need to get a good performance. I hope you can attend the concert and that you can share that experience with us, it would be incredible. On the other hand, I wanted to advise you that musically you do it perfectly, but I feel you could give a little more. I mean the context that this song can have, for example: What inspires you to sing it, why you choose this song, what it reminds you if it would happen. Among other things that could help you to have a more filling post, but be careful!!! This is just a suggestion not a scolding. We are looking for our partners to have and show the world the best of each of them. That's all I have to say my friend... So keep on making music and sounding like you have done so far, like the greats lml

Hey @edwardstobia !:) firstly, thank you very much for checking out my video, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I really appreciate the advice and the feedback, and yes I agree I could have written a little bit more in my description about what this song means to me - or maybe even added a little more at the start of the video to introduce the song that I am about to play. Really appreciate the suggestions though, I am looking to grow here and post the best content, so thank you! Let me know if there is ever anything else! Feel free to check out my previous post, and let me know if there is any advice you may have for me.

Cheers, hope you're having a great start to the week! :)

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This community is making me fall in love with the guitar even more

You did a nice job here


Yes, me too! Thank you so much! I will make some guitar solo videos tomorrow to upload :) appreciate you checking this out! :)

Hey nice one! It's always cool to hear your acoustic numbers. OMG $200 for a ticket! What??

Thank you Sally! :) I know right! Infact, I think it's quite a bit more than that... those are the cheapest tickets wayyyy at the back of a huge stadium where you can't really see/hear anything! I did see Guns N Roses in London many years back, and as awesome as it was, the stadium was just so huge the sound wasn't great... much better at a big open festival or something :)