FRIDAY BLUES! A Slow Blues Guitar Solo (Heartfelt)

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Happy Friday everyone!

Now, I know I should probably be posting a high energy guitar solo to get everyone excited about the weekend... but this blues solo sure does build up and hopes to deliver some full blown energy for you all to kick start a great weekend!

Here I'm jamming in G minor, using my LTD SN200 - it has a floyd rose (whammy bar) which I start using towards the end of the video! Something VERY uncommon in blues music (...rightly so haha!) but I just like to experiment and see where the flow takes me :)

Even though blues music is slow and mellow, it always brings the energy for me! Makes me feel alive! :) some of my favourite guitar solos are the slow blues ones from players like Gary Moore and Joe Bonamassa

Well, I shall leave this here and say I hope you all enjoy!

Peace and love!

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Hola, amigo ☺️ saludos, una vez más paso por aquí a escucharte, tocar lo haces muy bien, puedo disfrutar lo que haces, Dios le bendiga saludos

Aw thank you so much @adrianalara !:) So happy that you enjoyed this! I appreciate you having a listen, more to come!:)

I loved this solo, it's great the way you can improvise with your guitar and the passion you show while doing it.

Thanks for the good musical energy for this Friday :)

Hey @eugelys !:) aw thank you very much! I'm so glad you enjoyed this and I could pass on some of the musical energy! :D

Really appreciate it!:)

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Awesome! Thank you so much!

Mehn .... this is something really good for the Friday just as you have mentioned.
I liked the way you delivered the solo and also your expression behind the solo is so real and it really sent a goose feeling to me while watching this man. I wish you a wonderful and blessed weekend man.

Hey bro! Ah thanks so much man, really appreciate you having a listen! Glad I could pass on some good energy:)
Really appreciate this comment man, I always give my soul into my playing! It comes from the heart :)

Thanks man, have an awesome weekend!

You are welcome bro. Have an awesome weekend too

A blues solo with distortion? ! Simply brutal brother! I've heard this style in bands like Pink Floyd. This is to blow up. Wonderful! 🎶💯🤘🙌👌👊🙏😃🎆👏👏🎉💥🎊✨🎵🎼

Yes.. it is blasphemy! Haha! I was going to do it clean but then I decided to crank it up a bit and go with it :) I will so a smooth clean blues solo over this weekend! :D

Thank you so much man, really appreciate you having a listen! I love Pink Floyd! One of my favourite bands! Have an awesome weekend :)

An excellent blasphemy I should say! I see it as something incredible, the smoothness of the melody of the track and the character of the guitar distortion create a unique contrast.
Pink Floyd I love it! Thanks to you for sharing this. 🙏😃🎆👏👏🎉💥🎊✨🎵🎼

yessssssssssssss. THis is soo dope. I would love to learn how to blues, but as a classically trained musician, I just don't know how to start. Could you give me some advice in that regard?

Hello! Thank you so much, and yes I can! My advice would be adding the flat 5th into a pentatonic minor scale. So, let's say your playing in A minor - adding in a D# to the scale. Then, put on a slow blues backing track and slowly start exploring. I first off try slow 'question and answer' style phrasing of just a few notes, and imagine that I am asking a question, and then getting an answer. Really, you can just use the minor scale for this too :)

But yes, my advice would be putting on a slow blues backing track and being exploring!:) hope this helped!:)

Thanks man, I'll do it for sure. Thank you very much for the advice!

Man this is really amazing! Im really into the way you play it's extremely expressive 🔥 I hope you can share more of these sweet solos !PIZZA

Hey @vjap55 thank you so much! Really appreciate this! I will for sure be sharing more solos like this and many more! :) cheers!


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Man this is awesome!!! you definitley rocked it! your bendings are so on the spot and your mastery of pentatonic and melodic scales is superb! duuuude i looooved the ending that was crazy!! i recognize the Gary Moore influence in those fast runs at the end, the whammy bar touch added it a lot of originality it all sounded incredible congratulations bro! greetings and keep rocking!

Thank you bro! Really happy you enjoy my playing man, thanks so much for the awesome compliments :) haha yes I just went with it on the whammy bar and had some fun! Really appreciate this man :) Gary Moore is my all time number 1!
Keep rocking bro!