Soulful BLUES Guitar Solo! Extra long solo from the heart :)

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Hello wonderful people!

Today I was feeling like making a longer video... or maybe I just got carried away? In fact, it is definitely the latter! I got carried away whilst recording a solo and just continued on and on :) I ended this video around 5minutes, but it could have gone on for 10 minutes plus!

I usually try to make my guitar solo videos around 2minutes long - I think that is best for the listener/viewer? What do you think? Do you prefer longer videos like this, or shorter videos of around 2minutes?

For me, I can really get into the groove on longer videos like this one - so, if you watch through the whole video you might be able to see/feel that I am getting more into the vibe!

I sure do love playing soulful and passionate guitar solos! Blues is my thing! I looked up to great played such as Gary Moore and always wanted to be able to play like them :)

I sure hope you enjoyed this guitar solo of mine! I am just improvising and letting it tkae me to the places - my mind is totally clear during this (for the most part) that is why my eyes are closed the whole time! I wonder if I am in deep meditative state sometimes haha. I probably am :)

I will have a little surprise coming up (hopefully this weekend) with one of my videos :)

Peace and love to you all!

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Que lindo tocas, esto se escuchó muy genial 🥰 💕

¡Muchas gracias! Realmente aprecio esto :) ¡gracias por escuchar!