My original song 'RIVERS' (Acoustic Version) - I made it to level 70!!! :)

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I made it to a MAJOR milestone... my hive level is now 70! This is pretty huge for me:) I remeber years ago thinking that it seemed so far away! Thank you all for the support :) this song is to celebrate!

This video will be better with headphones!:)

So, my most 'popular' song that I have realised, and is track 5 off of my album 'TIME?' - so, after releasing Into The Unknown (Alt Version) last week, here is Rivers! I hope you enjoy :) if anyone would like to hear the vocal tracks isolated I will upload that in small sections. I wanted the guitars to be minimal here but still with a decent role. I am still getting used to mixing so for any audio engineers, I welcome some tips!:) anyways... enjoy! Plus, a lot of pictures of me over 2022!

Have you heard the original song? As this is the acoustic version, there is a full version! If you would like to listen, let me know and I will link you. If not, enjoy!:)



I've been around the world but I've seen no end,
I seem to have done it all, or I seem to pretend,
So what's left of my mind, all I know is to keep on going,
Make the best, of my time, there's a lot for me to do out there


River it flows away so don't sit back to another day
That you don't have (x2)


You've got the whole world, so look forward my friend,
You don't know me yet, but this message I'll send,
It's the start of your life, everyday you'll keep on finding how to,
Make the best, of your time, there's a lot for you to do out there


River it flows away so don't sit back to another day
That you don't have (x2)

I am not sure if timestamps will work here, but if anyone is interested, here you go!

00:00 intro
00:11 Verse 1
00:32 Chorus
00:53 Riff/woahs
01:04 Verse 2
01:36 SOLO
01:58 Chorus
02:30 riff / woahs
02:41 Outro
02:50 ?

Peace and love!

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A fantastic audiovisual production, and an amazing performance. We congratulate you on this magical and passionate musical composition. We always enjoy your work and appreciate all the efforts you make to spread your music. What you do is wonderful and exemplary. A generous round of applause.

Una fantastica producción audiovisual, y un performance asombroso. Te felicitamos por esta magica y apasionada composición musical. Siempre disfrutamos de tu trabajo y reconocemos todo los esfuerzos que haces para difundir tu música. Es maravilloso y ejemplar lo que haces. Una ronda generosa de aplausos.

Aw thank you so much MusicZone! I really appreciate this, and your continued support!:) so glad you enjoyed this one :) cheers!

Brother, how cool. As always, I enjoy your work, and your Guitars. I congratulate you, I liked that you identified each of the parts at the end of your writing. A big hug.


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Hey my bro! Ah thank you so much dude :) I am always grateful for you support man, so happy you enjoy my music and guitars!:) Cheers dude :)


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Excelente hermano, rivers está genial esta canción, muy buena voz, vi que le pusiste algunas voces extra que hicieron que sonara increíble.

Te deseo lo mejor en tu carrera artística.. que sigan los exitos

Thank you so much! So happy you enjoyed my original song! I appreciate this, thanks for listening :) glad you enjoyed my music :)