A Rising Star Update : Still Buskin'

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After reading @captainquack22 and his purchase of packs yesterday, I decided to convert some Hive into Starbits, and bought 12 packs for 100,000 Starbits. Once the dust settled, I managed to get one Epic card. Hey, I'll take it!

My #risingstar stats after yesterday's pack purchases.

  • Fans = 2483 fans
  • Luck - 458
  • Skill = 2045

My Level is now 41, but more fans will get me better gigs on the Local Gig Circuit. My goal is to work through that to get to the next circuit in the coming week.

No Lennon yet, but I'm still digging #risingstar!


Hey thats not bad man. Epics are tough to find. Rising still pays out a fair amount for doing missions. If it suits you to play ya know. Not everyones cup of tea but i like playing still.


I like easy...it reminds me a lot of a Wax game. Plus, my one day dream is to get that Lennon card some way shape or form, lol


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Glad you enjoying the game bro..Good luck

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