Freddie B hip hop set!

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Wassup Wassup Wassup!

DJ Freddie B is a regular here at Recording Box. Today, he came into the studio to spin some fire tracks for your listening pleasure.

please enjoy and shake your money maker!

We've recorded Freddie B once before, feel free to check out his set at Poison - Beats & Booze here:

Freddie B at Poison Beats & Booze in Guatemala City

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Omg this was awesome from the first second....

Freddie B is awesome if you like Hip Hop. He's also down to earth and super hard working. We'll have him back.

awesome! I hope you do have him back, and I hope he creates a Hive account at some point... Im sure he's out there mixen it up on Web2.0 and having his meta data stripped and sold just like everyone else lol

I hope he creates a Hive account at some point

I'll make sure that happens soon. We're trying to focus on onboarding folks to HIVE right now. Will tag you so you know :)


Ice Cube is the best! YaYYaY

The KRS-1 song at the 5min area is siick!!!

O.D.B. @ 15min area!! I KNEW IT WAS GONNA HAPPEN!