Another New Synth: Sequential Pro 3

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i know, i know, another New Synth

... you're not the only one saying that

it started out last week when a friend was asking me on advice for a new controller to integrate into his euro rack. i was recommending the minibrute 2.0-nice keys, 2 oscillators, great sequencer and patchbay. he wasn't sold, liking the moog grandmother.

so, i looked at the minibrute, which would be a quick upgrade from my minibrute 1.0. the minibrute 2 became a grandmother and then finally "settling'on the Sequential pro 3, a paraphonic synthesizer-and my first of that type.

the filter sounds like a dream and they give you three to choose from-including an OBERHEIM and Moog ladder filter!

the sequencer is probably the next best feature-they gives you 16 tracks and you can use them to modulate the parameters of your choosing!

it has three oscillators, one of which is a digital wave table oscillator, so you can play weird chords and progressions that used the different oscillators for each voice and you can save presets to recall with ease.

There is an extensive modulation matrix, which can pretty much modulate anything anywhere. All in all, a knockout any way that you look at it. My"realistic" dream synth has been a moog sub37 for a little while now, and I guess everyone says that this is the sub 37 killer.

It really sounds amazing, as I'm sure you can notice from the video.. This was really just a quick demo with some preset kind of sounds-i just got it last night and have to spend some more time with it!

I've said it's before, but I'm DONE, DONE, DONE.

who wants to buy some gear, I think I might even post some on HIVE LIST for fun!

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That's really awesome! A good demo!

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Hahahahahaha, u want me to move to yr hood so you can come and jam, don't ye?!

Unfortunately, that is a little outside of my price range-aside from the logistical nightmare of moving 4000 miles away

Lovely home, however!

well why not....come on time for change...

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thx for this article.
i really enjoyed every minute.

I'm drooling over here.