One Man's Trash...Vol. 1: A Found Sound Cassette Release From 2008

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Here is one side of a found sound cassette that I compiled and released back 2008 on my label, everyone else has a record label so why can't i?

For those unfamiliar, found sound is basically just what it sounds like- in this case, taking the form of answering machine cassettes and children's home recordings and some other oddities that I acquired over the year at thrift stores. There is a karaoke track and some random static-y sounds, but it is mostly the spoken voice for this one.

This is an interesting tape, for those that like these kind of odball things!...I finally did a sequel about ten years after this first release... but that's a story for another time!

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flipping awesome! i have hundreds of them at home myself! i used to love singing into my tape recorder as a kid. Hours of fun!

Amazing, thanks!

... If you want to digitize some, I would love to hear that kind of stuff!

I will need to dig them up at my mom's house (she's a bit of a hoarder) but I am very keen to hear what my very first experimentations with singing sounded like. I must have been about 10 or 11 at the time.

I bet it would at least be an interesting time capsule for you!

I think the trick is to gotta just own our childhood selves and not be afraid of how embarrassing it might be! The best part is how pure and innocent these tapes can be... Catching someone's private moments that they thought no one would ever hear.

Also, did you see my this post from a couple months be back? I think you'll dig it!