Superman - A song for anyone who wants to imagine themselves as the the perfect lover

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A funky tune where I've used bits of the original Superman moviefor the video
The song

The lyrics
Here are the lyrics:

I'll be your angel, your eagle and your dove
I'll be your Romeo, sent from above
I'll be your mystic man
your hootchie cootchie lover
I'll be your guiding light, keep you under cover

Tell Me what you want
tell Me what you need
I'll be your superman

I'll be your doctor
I'll heal all your pain
I'll be your superman again and again
My fuel fired thunderbird
My dynamite bomb
I'll be your lullaby
I'll sing you a song

Tell me what you want
Tell me what you need
I'll be your superman
Watch Me

I'll be your billionaire your ticket to ride
I'll be your tiger baby, eat you alive
I'll be your Disneyland your fantasy tower
flying in a jet plane at 1000 miles an hour

Tell me what you want
tell me what you need
I'll be your superman
Watch Me

I'll be your superman again and again

Thank you for watching my video, it is greatly appreciated! If you want to watch more of my songs and videos go to You Tube. I have over 160 tracks on there

or listen to some of my albums and singles on spotify here:



You are the perfect lover....

You are the perfect idiot you though! am with @gideonreeling at the moment!


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Esto está genial!!! me gusta la composición y el sonido de esta cancion, además la interpretación es brutal. La escena que eligieron es una de las mas interesantes de esa película. Excelente trabajo!!

Wish I could understand this Excelente is great though. Thank you!