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Hi guys, hope we all are feeling very well?
This is hive music festival week 12 round 3.
This festival is a beautiful thing to know especially with the fact that one awaits another new week to come so that one can participate.
Here is my opportunity to participate in this contest and I'm happy to drop my entry this moment.

I was in one of our Music platforms on hive and I came across a musical content by a friend @magicfingerz. He sang this particular song I'm rendering titled "Wade in the water".
He inspired me to perform this song as I also envied his strumming style..
However, it's a beautiful thing that we as musicians come across each other and also have one or two to share to ourselves or learn from ourselves.
I guess this is one purpose of the musical platforms on this Blockchain.

Wade in the water was done by the Spirituals. That is the name of the musical crew that did the song. Without any doubt, this song is a highly melodious and beautiful one to come by as it starts with an amazing chorus.
Wade means "to walk through".. not with ease though.
Wade in the water hence means to walk through the water even if it appears tough knowing that God has got our backs.


I was able to achieve this recording after doing three takes.
I was so glad that I didn't have to do more than three takes to achieve this recording because sometimes, it can be frustrating how we most times have to record more than 6 times before we can get a recording of our choice.
This is a musical piece make out of joy and passion.

It's surely a pleasure dropping my entry.
I also seize this medium to appreciate my supporters, you all are amazing.
Thanks for stopping by!




Hola chicos, espero que todos nos sintamos muy bien.
Este es el festival de música de colmena, semana 12, ronda 3.
Este festival es una cosa hermosa de saber, especialmente con el hecho de que uno espera otra semana por venir para poder participar.
Esta es mi oportunidad de participar en este concurso y estoy feliz de dejar mi entrada en este momento.

Estaba en una de nuestras plataformas de Música en colmena y me encontré con un contenido musical de un amigo @magicfingerz. Cantó esta canción en particular que estoy interpretando titulada "Wade in the water".
Él me inspiró para interpretar esta canción ya que también envidiaba su estilo de rasgueo..
Sin embargo, es algo hermoso que nosotros, como músicos, nos encontremos y también tengamos uno o dos para compartir o aprender de nosotros mismos.
Supongo que este es uno de los propósitos de las plataformas musicales en esta Blockchain.

Vadear en el agua fue hecho por los Espirituales. Ese es el nombre del equipo musical que hizo la canción. Sin duda, esta canción es muy melodiosa y hermosa, ya que comienza con un coro increíble.
Wade significa "caminar a través de".. aunque no con facilidad.
Vadear en el agua, por lo tanto, significa caminar a través del agua, incluso si parece difícil, sabiendo que Dios nos cubre las espaldas.


Pude lograr esta grabación después de hacer tres tomas.
Me alegré mucho de no tener que hacer más de tres tomas para lograr esta grabación porque, a veces, puede ser frustrante que la mayoría de las veces tengamos que grabar más de 6 veces antes de poder obtener una grabación de nuestra elección.
Esta es una pieza musical hecha de alegría y pasión.

Pude lograr esta grabación después de hacer tres tomas.
Seguramente es un placer dejar caer mi entrada.
También aprovecho este medio para agradecer a mis seguidores, todos ustedes son increíbles.
¡Gracias por pasar!


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I congratulate you, it's quite a complicated song and yet you have managed to capture the audience's attention. I understand how frustrating it must be to try so many times to get a good result. Sometimes we are demanding of ourselves. But look, if we are not, how will we grow? It's part of the job. I don't think in my 5 years in the blockchain, I've ever had the opportunity to shoot something and like it on the first take. In fact, it's always the first one I take and listen to see if I have any mistakes and modify it. I'm really glad you're still part of this Hive Music Festival.


These words are deep words of motivation.... Like OMG!
Thanks for coming through with these words dear brother.
You are a valuable gem indeed!

I enjoyed this!!!!!!

Congratulations friend, this performance has been a delight, I like the energy you put into it, and your vocal command is impressive and admirable. May this new year be successful for you, this is a wonderful presentation.


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Thanks a lot dear father figure.
May this year bring to you all good things too.