Drum & Bass - Broken... Literally!

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Ya boy is a bit broken at the moment, getting old disgracefully and having to see the physio is where life is at lol!

Literally turned around to speak to someone as I was walking along and it was like someone had stabbed me in the neck/back. Turned out that it's been a lifetime of unattended injuries after sport and bad posture that has caused my body to decide enough is enough!

If only I had a track that I made when I was injured and had to be out of action for a while... oh wait, there is!

Yes! This is a tune I made a few years ago called Broken after I... well... broke my toe falling up some stairs after a shower after a training run!

I think I am just accident prone and a slow learner. My body was telling me to just take it easy in the most extreme way possible 😂

Fast forward a decade and now we just have to do a bit more sitting down at the music studio... that's not a bad thing I guess!

Especially with the latest mixes I've been enjoying making!

Anyway, here's a dramatic drum & bass track, shout out to the injured folks!


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My body was telling me to just take it easy in the most extreme way possible 😂

It was probably telling/screaming at you for ages and you just kept ignoring it XP

Hope you're sitting properly at your desk (and completely not like me currently sitting with atrocious posture and generally terrible ergonomic setup x_x) so that the physio doesn't tell you that you can't spend a lot of time doing that either XD

It was probably telling/screaming at you for ages and you just kept ignoring it XP

Hahahaha, you are 100% right with that! No wonder it had to go large with it's warning signs, like helloooo??

I am trying to sit properly but I keep falling into bad habits like crossing my legs at the desk which is a big no-no! I am trying to follow the recommendations but man, my habits are terrible lol. I do get up and walk every 30-45 minutes or so :D

LoL same ^_^; [readjusts to sit properly x_x]

At least you remember to get up and walk that often, I remember sometime after hours have passed and my neck and shoulder are sore (old injury so I really, really, really should know better, sometimes I ignore them anyway if I'm really on a roll x_x) and despite my best efforts I'm slouching horribly over my tablet again x_x

I work in an office environment and just simply have to get up and walk away for a while - the incandescent sound of multiple people typing, sniffing, coughing and all that noise within a few metres radius makes you go mad very quickly!

Oh no, I hate that slouchy feeling when you've been in that position for a long time! You should get one of those shoulder strap things I see some sports people wear which keeps the shoulders back and helps good posture. I could probably do with one of those as well.

I haven't heard of sound being described as incandescent before O_o but I guess it works? XD (eta because I'm assuming you mean the bright flare or similarr that can happen with loud noises)

I probably just need a setup that isn't such an ohs nightmare (it's not as bad as some, at least I have a big desk).

Aha, I meant the second definition here - "passionate"... they really don't hold back on their sniffing, sneezing and typing haha:


It's worth spending some time on getting the right tools for your desk, especially if you are on it for a lot of the time.

Dude, at least you didn't turn around and walk into a pole! Or, as happened to me once (I'm embarrassed to admit), actually walked face first into a glass door. That is not a good way to impress anyone, let alone the girl you're looking to meet. Oy.

An appropriately named tune!

Hope you're doing okay. You're not that old yet!

Lol, I have done the pole thing once and that was a nice bruise on the shoulder! Ouch! That glass door sounds even more painful though, face first as well! You're supposed to kiss the girl, not the inanimate object! I guess that did give you something to laugh about later on though 😃

Thanks mate, I just got to take it easy and do the exercises for now and hope they can put Humpty Dumpty back together again 😂

I don't know what's better, doing something "normal" or plummeting down a flight of stairs...🤷🏼‍♀️

Either way, happy healing!

Thanks Fiona! Well, I've done both and neither are particularly useful so I guess I just need to be covered in bubble wrap 😃

Ahem...cotton wool - much more environmentally friendly! 🤣