STRINGS beat 🎻 VIOLET CLOUDS🎶- Boom bap hip hop - Freestyle Rap - ORIGINAL MUSIC - By @lyon-89🎹🎶

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If we see it from an artistic point of view, the violet color is a bit serene combined with the view of the clouds, it is a totally pleasing product to our eyes. This beat converts all of the above into a hip hop instrumental with string melodies at a speed of 90 bpm, while the melodies embody the relaxing balance, I hope you enjoy it.
Si lo vemos desde un punto de vista artístico, el color violeta resulta un poco sereno combinado con la vista a las nubes, es un producto totalmente agradable a nuestros ojos. Este beat convierte todo lo anteriormente mencionado en una instrumental de hip hop con melodías de cuerdas a una velocidad de 90 bpm, al mismo tiempo que las melodías plasman el equilibrio relajante, espero que lo disfrutes.

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Este es un trabajo realizado con mucho cariño y dedicación, puedes usar este beat, solo mencióname cuando lo utilices y lo subas, pero si quieres apoyarme un poco mas por usar este ritmo, envía lo que salga de tu corazón a mi wallet, así me ayudarías mas a obtener mejores herramientas para mejores beats a futuro, un abrazo ❤ .

This is a job done with a lot of love and dedication, you can use this beat, just mention me when you use it , but if you want to support me a little more for using this rhythm, send what comes from your heart to my wallet, so I you would help more to obtain better tools for better beats in the future, a hug ❤.

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If you really like my musical work, I invite you to subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel, I will be very grateful for your support❤️🎶

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Keep bumping that 🔥 good to see you still on here!

💪❤😁Thanks my dear bro🎶🎹

This amazing. I love it. 🙂
Thank you for sharing your work with us.


Thanks ❤❤


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