Latest Metaverse party recap with emanate, forming, lexicon devils and juicebox

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On February 17, the Web3 music streaming service emanate, in collaboration with Forming, Juicebox, and Lexicon Devils, hosted a virtual music festival in the Voxels Metaverse. The event showcased a diverse range of performers from hip-hop to house, disco to electronic, and offered attendees the opportunity to obtain special edition NFT wearables. The event was a floor-to-ceiling demonstration of the technical advancements and artistic talent that Metaverse events provide partygoers with. Forming is an experimental Hyperverse concert series produced by Lexicon Devils, and Juicebox is the programmable, funded protocol for builders and creators. Voxels is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows for true ownership of virtual assets, and offers a unique and immersive experience for users, perfect for live music events like this one.

Each performing artist received a portion of the funds collected through the Juicebox Protocol, which by the time the party was over, was around 2.5 ETH. Some of the performers were making their professional live performance debuts, let alone performing in a metaverse, for the first time.

This is a summary of what I have learned over the past few years from my own experience in the metaverse:

  • In the metaverse, there are new opportunities for artists to make money.
  • People can exchange experiences from anywhere in the world thanks to the metaverse.
  • The idea of festivals and experiences in the metaverse is fresh and developing.
  • The internet in 3D is essentially what the metaverse is.
  • The metaverse's virtual events are supposed to supplement actual occurrences rather than to replace them.
  • It's crucial to develop metaverse experiences that appeal to both the Web3 and Web2 populations.
  • People in challenging circumstances have access to rewarding experiences through the metaverse that they might not otherwise have.

If you want to participate in and experience the metaverse gatherings I attend See my Hive page because I regularly announce my upcoming metaverse events there.

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It was an awesome party bruv! Keep 'em coming.

The venue was fire too 📻

Yo mah G! kudos for showing up, yea totally loved the freakin venue sad thing it was built only for that one specific event but the dope memory and video is on chain now haha hope u got them boombox NFTs!

Tha ks for sharing friend, I have also learnt something about metaverse
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Awesome stuff my friend - music and metaverse are a unique new options for artists and music lovers. I shared your post via Threads, something you should also try.

Salute @uwelang hope all G mah man! appreciate your feedback, you are 💯 I been fiddling with metaverse for the past few years specifically music in the metaverse and its def another outlet for musicians to help build their communities, spread their music and widen their reach, never seen the threads will check it out

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