The Naughty Cat Song - MobeyDick Live at The Cottage Club Featuring Zak Ludick

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Usually this song is a privelege only extented to those who come to watch us live,
but after all the love and support you've all shown MobeyDick (Myself and
@JasperDick), we figured you guys have EARNED the right to watch this one!

Featuring the incredibly awesome @ZakLudick and his shot at interprative dance,
I present to you: @ JasperDick's very own original "Naughty Cat Song!"

Allegedly written for @JasperDick's little girl, instead of "Heads, Shoulders Heels and
Toes," I actually believe it was written just so he can get his beautiful Wife, Julia
and her sister Helen to stand up and do the actions in fornt of the crowd at the end
of the night, at which point in the show, everyone has had too much wine 😜

This time, the girls left it up to @ZakLudick!

Ah my babe, the things you do for love! 🤣😍

Thanks for watching everyone. You can curse us all tonight as you sing yourself to sleep.
Good luck getting this one out of your head!!

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Hahahaha... You get a lot of fun with this performance I like it hahahaha

Hahaha absolute pure talent right there 😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏all I did was laugh and shake the camera 😂😂😂👌

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@music-community THANK you for your incredible support!

@clairemobey - you know, if it was you doing @zakludick's job on stage for this song, you might never have stage-fright for any remotely normal performance again? I say drink you tequila shot and do it next time!!!


It depends - am I your musical sensei or not?


It will take more than one tequila hey...

@zakludick I think 10 is the magic number, right?



@jasperdick Do you smell chloroform?