'Not a demo anymore' well... Isn't a demo anymore

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Hello, everyone I just wanted to tell you that 'Not a demo anymore' is well not a demo. Yes, it's finally released and you cat here it now. What to say about the release. It's a seriously difficult challenge to actually release this. I know you might be saying all you had to do was turn your demos into better versions of themselves it can't be that tough. But it is. Realising music is a really tough job. So much goes into a release. You can't literally just release it there is so much more that goes into it. So yeah, I'm just happy to get this one out the door so everyone can actually listen to it.

My big influences are classic artists such as Bob Dylan, and John Lennon but also alternative rock artists such as the Smashing Pumpkins. I think you will be able to hear all this throughout the different tracks. You get some really short, sharp punky tracks but also some singer-songwriter-style tracks.

Also, there is a special thanks I must give to this release... Yes it's my cat

As you can see he is a perfect model to advertise my music. I think his favourite song of the release was definitely 'Cat food' 😉

You can check out my release here 'Not a demo anymore' link

Thanks and catch you next time


May you achieve what you desire, especially you will become one of the most famous musicians in the world.

Wow, thank you for your best wishes! Honestly don't wish to be famous just being happy and healthy would be enough for me 😁 I do feel quite famous in a way though because of all the love I got here on Hive. Best wishes to you and thanks for stoping by on me page