an amazing Opeth arpeggio playing by me.

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These days, I spend a lot of time with my guitars. almost every day after 9 hours of hard work, I'm just sitting and playing for hours.

Some days, I do a lot of hard practicing my electric guitar and sometimes just chill and play deep arpeggios.
today was the day of this type. Opeth's arpeggios are great. they're the most thing that I play with the acoustic guitar.
they're sounding so deep on the acoustic nylon guitar and I can hear myself when I'm playing them.
Thanks to Opeth for creating these types of soulful music.

I hope you like this video and enjoy it. as always Thank you for watching.

Screenshot (9).png

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The melody has a very nice, clean and romantic atmosphere. Nice music bro.🎶🔥🎼♥️🍻🎶

Thank you, I'm really glad that you like it 😍

I'm sure whoever listens would like this beautiful music😉🎧🎸♥️🔥

Ahh, Opeth, I love this band and didn't listen to them for far too long! Thanks for a reminder. Keep going, 9h daily is very impressive.

Woow, thank you for watchin, voting and following me, I really appreciate it.

I do working 9hours in a crypto exchange company just for getting paid for living 🤦‍♂️
After that my guitar practicing session will start😅

Hive was the reason that i picked up my guitar again.

Aaah, now I see my mistake. Anyway, the effects are quite impressive, and Opeth doesn't seem to be the easy one.


I played it only for you 😁

let's do it together😎


Thank you shilin 😍

I just listened to it and I love how it made me feel

Thank you my friend, I really appreciate your attention 😍😍

This is awesome bro, amazing playing and super clean :) another great tune! I also work full time and then come home to practice guitar! I wish I could play all day haha

Thank you buddy, i'm glad that you liked it