My Contribution to "Best of Open Mic"

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Best of Open Mic

I was super excited when I got selected for a "Best of Open Mic" at the Hen & Chickens in Baldock, which happened yesterday afternoon, going into the evening. This pub was featured in another post of mine mentioning a pedal steel guitar.

The landlady, Talitha, and Mark, who actually organises the Open Mics once a month, had decided to have this sort of event every three months, so they regularly put their heads together, and decide on their favourites. Each set is between 30 and 45 minutes long.

Mostly Female Performers

This time it was a string of ladies' performers, bar the last one as a late addition and Andy playing guitar. Talitha kindly posted some of her recordings on her pub's Facebook page. They are public, so I'm hoping, you can view them fine, as long as you're logged in, I believe.

  • I started off the event as we had to leave early to get to the Bedford Corn Exchange for another event, which I'll put in another post.

  • Gill was next with a lovely set of country and westerns songs; the first two I was able to listen to before heading off. Gill is also a radio host at Black Cat Radio.

  • Next up was Ann who does lovely swing covers with a great voice to match!
    Some of them would make great tunes for our band "Swing 42".

  • Kerry & Andy do 80s songs among many others. We often clash in our song choices, Kerry & I seem to have similar voices.
    Luckily, this time I only happened to do two of their songs before them.. phew! 😄

  • Last up was a late entry, Leon, who I have not heard before myself. He did a great version of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues".

As for me.. my songs where these:
I feel the guitar could have been a little louder.. but hey-ho..

00:00 Stockard Channing - There are worse things I could do (from Grease)
02:20 Alanis Morissette - Ironic
05:30 Leo Sayer - More than I can say
08:30 The Carpenters - Superstar
11:40 Anne Murray - Snowbird
14:30 Abba - Mamma Mia
17:30 The Beautiful South - Don't marry her
20:00 Elle King - Exs and Ohs
22:55 Amy Winehouse - Valerie
25:40 KT Tunstall - Black Horse and a Cherry Tree
28:55 Carole King - One fine day
31:00 Carole King - Breaking up is hard to do
33:10 Melanie - Brand New Key
36:40 Supremes/Phil Collins - You can't hurry love
40:10 The Beatles/Paul McCartney - Blackbird

I use VideoPad for editing my videos.


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You must have been worn out yesterday. That's a long solo set to play, but congrats on being selected. The guitar sounds good to me. I need to get over this COVID before I do much singing.

I was just watching McCartney play Glastonbury. He did a solo Blackbird. Amazing that he can play a long set at 80 and he was on good form. We can only hope we are still playing at that age.


Thanks! It was fun, so not too bad, but I was glad getting home after Bedford..
Sir Michael is on the list to watch!
He's still going strong, yes, amazing!

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Uy hermoso! Se nota que fue un momento agradable junto a los demás amigos y colegas ❤️
Hubiera Sido genial escucharte ahí en vivo. ❤️✨

¡Muchas gracias querido amigo!
¡Hubiera sido maravilloso tenerte allí escuchando! 😃

What a pleasure to see this wonderful repertoire, you are special playing and singing, everything sounds great, what a great presentation, greetings and blessings to you

Wow, thank you!
That's so lovely!
Glad you like it!

Congratulations on your Open Mic.

This are all wonderful songs. 😊


Hey, thank you so much, my friend!
I was well chuffed when I got the message!
And now I'm chuffed, that you like my song choice.. 😍😄



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Wow i'm so glad to see you again here😇 thanks for your professional performance 👏 I liked it 😉👌

Wow, thank you so much, my friend! 🙏😃

This is SO awesome! Loving it :) so far at Ironic and you've done such an amazing cover. I love that tune! You have such an awesome voice!:)

Oh, thank you so much, my dear friend! You just put a BIG smile on my face!! 😃
That's so lovely!

You look so cool performing. Your Ironic by Alanis was my favourite then comes next You cant hurry love. 😊

Haha, wish I was cool!
But I sure love doing it! 😀
They're both cool songs!
Glad you like them and thank you so much for stopping by, that's really lovely! 😃👍

You were! 😊
Have a lovely day!

And you! 😀