Rolling back to 1985 for Three Tune Tuesday Week 85

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Every now and again a #ttt week number sticks out and reminds me of a year. That is what happened me this week, as I pondered about what band to share with you guys. It being week 85 of Three Tune Tuesday, I though hey, why not go for three tunes from 1985 for the shits and the giggles. Who did I pick out from the mid eighties you might be wondering? Well keep on reading to find out.

Do you want to hear something crazy about 1985? It was thirty eight years ago. THIRTY EIGHT YEARS AGO! What the actual fuck, now in fairness I was knee high to a grasshopper at the time, but man of man arent those years flying by at a mad pace all the same. Blink and it'll be 2030!

So what else happened in 1985?

  • Mikhail Gorbachev became the Soviet Prime minister, beginning the era of “Glasnost” which translates as openness and transparency.
  • Microsoft Windows 1.0 was released a precursor to all of the on line activities like Hive that we all enjoy today.
  • Some of the popular movies at our cinemas inlcuded Back to the Future, The Color Purple, Cocoon and Desperately Seeking Susan.

Ok, so you are here for tunes, not random factoids about the year 1985 and how it is incredibly 38 years ago now, so let us get down to brass tacks and talk about Music.

It's Tuesday folks and for our merry little band of ladies and lads, that means sharing tunes, good vibes and engagement. As another week disappears in the rearview mirror, we have loads of engagement and tunes flying around on Three Tune Tuesday and sure isn't that bloody fantastic! I hope you're ready to share three tunes from wherever you find yourself on this magical spinning lump of rock that we all call home and sure you might even sing us a tune if we're lucky?

Tuesday is here again, which can only mean one thing, another three tunes from me and hopefully from lots of you good folks too. How are all of you music loving rockers from Zanzibar to Zaire doing on this fine evening? Sure, isn't great to be alive all the same.

It's a time of the week when lovers of music, tunes and craic bring their blockchain community three of their finest and brightest tunes to share and celebrate, so let's roll on and let the tunes flow free.

This is my 85th week waxing lyrical for Three Tune Tuesday and we are still going strong.

It started off with me just sharing tunes into what seemed like a void, but little by little others joined and now I'm thrilled that we have a little corner of Hive where we come and share our tunes every Tuesday, and long may it continue. I almost stopped posting the songs and thoughts a few times, but I stuck with it and now interestingly it is my favorite thing about Hive. I love music and now I have a network of folks around the world who love music too and we share our tunes and catch up with each others tunes and discuss them each week. We get Pop, Metal, Rock, Gospel, Folk, Jazz, Rap, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Reggae, Bippy bappidy Flange Hop. Ok I made that one up, but you get the idea, we are all learning about new artists, bands, back stories and sure isn't it just mighty!

Something that excites me the most is that we even get musicians sharing their covers of famous songs and even their own songs from time to time here on #ThreeTuneTuesday, which is a real favorite of mine, as that takes talent, time and dedication.

We are adding New posters and retaining our core of regulars here on #TTT which is fantastic. Let's keep it growing. Weekly, I try to find three or five hours to listen to all of the fantastic music shared from like-minded folk from around the globe and interact with their posts. This has led me to genres I don't know well and to some amazing new bands and artists and has even introduced me to some musical instruments I did not know existed. It also allows me to upvote smaller accounts and find some really interesting people from all over the world, which is heartening.

I hope you enjoy the tunes - be sure to tell me all about it in the comments below and above all else, please enjoy the rest of your Tuesday - smile at a stranger, rub a dog, be a nice human to someone who was not expecting it - peace out.

For those unfamiliar with TTT or Three Tune Tuesday....

The jist is as follows

Every Tuesday I'm going to share 3 songs which I like to listen to and I invite your feedback in the comments below. Better still, why not have a blast of your own Three Tune Tuesday and mention me in the post and I'll come and find the post and upvote it. If you could also use #threetunetuesday tag that would be great, as that is what I use when sifting through all the entries every Wednesday. It'll be a sweet way for us all to discover new music. You'll also be in with a chance of winning the prize - more on that later.

Here are my week eighty four recommendations for Three Tune Tuesday

** Drum roll please.....**

Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere

Let's kick things of with Talking Heads! Any band who have four of their albums in Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, and three of their songs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll deserve a listening ear, so go ahead and click play below if you've never heard these guys before. They are well worth an auld twirl on the turntable.

Dire Straits - Walk Of Life

I will assume that at least 70% of those reading have heard this classic song before. If you are within the 30%, then stop what every you are doing, sit back press play and enjoy. They simply don't write em like this anymore. This is an ultimate feel good song from a feel good band in Dire Straits.

This one is one of 1985's very finest hits for me.

Prefab Sprout - Faron Young

Let's close it out with a lesser known band called Prefab Sprout. The vast majority will know who Talking Heads and Dire Straits are, but who has heard of brothers Paddy and martin McAloon and Wendy Smith who got together in Durham in 1978?

This one is the opener from their 1985 album Steve McQueen which received critical acclaim.

ThreeTune Spotify Playlist

Our good friend and regular Three Tune Tuesday poster @blackdaisyft added some tunes to a playlist in the early days and there are around 600 tunes there which is class. You can check those out here:

Three Tune Tuesday Spotify Playlist

HBI contest - win 5HBI

Share your Three Tune Tuesday songs below or create a post with #ttt or #threetunetuesday and mention me so I can find the post.

I'll pick the three songs I enjoyed the most each week as the winner and transfer 1 share of HBI to the winner when this post pays out 7 days from now, but wait there's more...

Three Tune Tuesday Sponsors

My old pal and brother from another mother @blanchy has also committed a share of HBI each week and so have three other Three Tune legends @blackdaisyft and @tengolotodo and @hannes-stoffel so now the winner will receive five shares of HBI, not too shabby at all folks.

Thanks a million to our sponsors above.

Best of luck!

Sin é, That's all folks, thanks for stopping by.

That's it for another week. Those are your three songs for week eighty three. Let me know what you think - good, bad or indifferent? Did you like them all or just one or two?

Also, as I said before, I love getting good steers for new tunes, so please tell me about the latest and greatest from your playlist below and I'll be sure to check em out.

The YouTube videos shared are not owned by me and I am simply sharing great music with the community here on Hive

Thanks as always for stopping by everyone.

Peace Out



Cool tunes from '85

Talking heads is a winner, but then Dire Straits rock. 85 is just late enough to get away from Michael Jackson and early enough to avoid the Bangles.

Loved the year and the post.


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hehe I see you walking like an Egyptian 🤣🤣🤣

Oh way yo!!


What were restaurants called during the Jurassic?

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85 is just late enough to get away from Michael Jackson and early enough to avoid the Bangles.

Good way of putting it 🤣

Loved the year and the post.

Thanks a mil

What a year and when I saw the year 1985 I was thinking what you would choose as there are so many cracking tunes from 1985!
Talking Heads well they are right up there as one of my favourite bands, and Road to Nowhere ... absolute class!
Dire Straits were pretty damn good, not a massive fan but had total respect for their music. Walk of Life though was a classic.
Prefab Sprout another great band...The King of Rock 'n' Roll was my favourite I think!

Great tunes and have a terrific Tuesday😎

Ya, I was definitely spoilt for choice with 1985, Walk of Life pretty cliché choice, but I've always loved that tune since I was a young lad.

Hi Hi. To participate in this I just need to choose 3 songs and tag you with the #ttt/ #threetunetuesday? Can I choose my own theme for the three songs?

Hi there, ya that's it in a nut shell, you can pick any theme you like or just three songs you like this week or an artist you really like - tag me and use the #threetunetuesday tag and that's it. Looking forward to your entry.

Alright thanks. I will submit one entry tonight :P

Week 85 and still going..... I might someday do a recording of three songs since you like it that way which I do too. Watch out for it 😎😎

I enjoyed the first and second song. Still contemplating on which songs to choose for today 😑

Week 85 and still going..... I might someday do a recording of three songs since you like it that way which I do too. Watch out for it

Yep 85 weeks and yet to miss a week, which I'm pretty proud of! I'd live to hear you sing, I look forward to it 👌

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Nice one, thanks a mil, much appreciated 👍

Another wonderful list there. I only listen on few 80's bands like A band of Seagulls and Skid Row since I was born from a later generation so this was very informative to me.

Ya, the 80s gets a bad rep, but there was plenty of great music during that decade.

Would believe I was on a Prefab Sprout rabbit hole the other day after hearing the King of Rocking Roll . Some mad lyrics in it but absolute classic. Dire Straits . What can I say. What a band. Talking Heads are one of the most underrated banks in history.

Would believe I was on a Prefab Sprout rabbit hole the other day

No way! That's gas man, those kinds of coincidences are always happening to me too! Ya Talking Heads are massively under rated.

I didn't know the third one.
And you made me google hits from 1985... so many classics came out that year! And I didn't realize they were this old.

Ya 1985 was a good year and it's hard to believe that's almost forty years ago!! Pretty nuts..

Don't even remind me!

Ha ha, I know, who are ya telling! Stupid time and the way it loves to pass *Shakes fist



Cracking post.

3 great tracks, but huge props for including Faron Young. Love Prefab Sprout - and that album - to bits. Played it very recently - this is a shot I've just taken from my Apple Music:


Every track is a cracker, but, IMHO, you can't mention Steve McQueen without highlighting this slice of perfection.

Just brilliant. And the next albums, From Langley Park to Memphis & Jordan:The Comeback, are great too - but I think Steve McQueen pips them for me. Worth digging out too is Crimson/Red, released in 2013. It's not often someone releases something 30 years after their big hits and it works - but it's a great record. More a Paddy McAloon solo album, but it's Prefab Sprout to listen to 😉 In fact - it's going on now...

Anyway - pleased I stumbled across this post. Will deffo have a think about doing some Three Tune Tuesdays of my own soon. I'll have a think about some themes to link the tunes together... 🤔


Ya Steve McQueen was a fantastic album and I listened to it recently myself too. I always enjoy when I haven't listened to it in a while and I remember then how good it was.

It'd be absolutely class to have you contribute to #ttt and there does not even have to be a theme, three random songs you love, three feom a recent gig, 3 random ones from a shuffle on a playlist etc... Cheers 🎶

All good.

Will definitely do one next week, themed or not... 😉

Cool beanz, I look forward to that if you find the time this week or whenever.

I want to go back to the 80's, the best music, the best era. I was very little in those days but it had a lot of influence on me, it will be a great starting point for my selection today.

This will be an appointment every Tuesday for me, I think the TTT initiative is great because we show the connections and the meaning that the songs have for us, the personal story behind each one of them, it's a nice sharing.

I'm a big fan of 80's retro, wow, you reminded me of songs I had misplaced and really liked, like Dire Straits - Walk Of Life that transmit good vibes, my favorite.

Hey, delighted to hear that you plan to become a #ttt regular, that's great news and I look forward to hearing your picks. The 80s was indeed a brilliant era, I must say I am happy that I was born in that decade, as it's tougher for kids these days from what I can see. More pressure and less freedom than we had.

I used to love Dire Straits and although I am from the 70% of the people who pass through here and have heard it, anyway I hit play, hehe. It had been a while since I heard this song.

Prefab Sprout is new to me. I liked them.

I think many of us at #ttt were in an 80s mood today :) Cheers!

Nice one. Delighted to introduce you to Prefab Sprout who are well worth discovering more, check out the Steve McQueen album for starters 👌

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