Original beat by @Peter-Stone - "Relax" - Instrumental beat

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Hello Jamaica!

I don't know if Jamaicans have a desire to go to countries with a cool climate, but Ukrainians very often have a desire to be on a sunny beach, especially in weather like today.

It is not clear that it is drizzling outside the window, whether it is snow or rain, as one proverb says, a good host will not let his dog out into the street in such weather, but I need to run to school.

I had to skip a couple of lessons, suddenly, urgently, it turned out that it was necessary to collect a package of documents for registration at the military registration and enlistment office, my dad and I had to run around the authorities and collect this package of documents.

Hopefully there is no compulsory military service in Jamaica.

But, for now, I have a few minutes and I can publish my post in which I want to share my new beat, which I called "Relax".

Calm music, which, probably, can be accompanied by a light sound of the sea surf, the cry of seagulls, and sometimes, you can hear the whistle of the ship, but you can think of it yourself).

Happy listening!

Original song by @Peter-Stone.

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this beat is fire bro!! would you like to submit a beat to the spitter colosseum tournament here's a link https://peakd.com/hive-123620/@beatzchain/the-spitter-colosseum--freestyle-tournament

This beat is also good for winding down from a busy day. Indeed brings one to a relaxed state 👍.

And I don't live in Jamaica, but I do live in a tropical country. I don't know if it counts, but I would like to at least once experience winter 😅. But I'm also not very good with the cold, but during dry season I could use an air-conditioned hihi