Original beat by @Peter-Stone - "Cuerdas para Dios" or "Strings for God"- Instrumental beat

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If you stand on the west coast of the island of Jamaica and look towards the setting sun, a little to the south, then, most likely, out of sight will be a country whose music has had a significant impact on different directions of world music, although its roots are in Spain, this country Mexico.

The Spanish guitar is probably an instrument that has conquered the whole world, pushing aside many, national, musical instruments, in view of its versatility.

This is my favorite musical instrument, which, as well, I am an integral part of the reggae style, but reggae has little resemblance to Spanish rhythms, strangely, the nature of Jamaica and Mexico did not contribute to the unity of musical styles.

But since I also play reggae, salsa and flamenco, I can afford to travel along the musical corridors.

Today, I want to share a free program, as the ice skaters say, in which you can guess the Spanish and Mexican motives.

I named this bit "Cuerdas para Dios" or "Strings for God".

Also, I prepared a parsing of this bit, where I indicated the main points when creating it, but while it was difficult for me to do it in English, so that everything would be correct and it was in Russian, but I'm sure that if, you, at least a little familiar with the basics of making music, you will understand me.

If something is not clear, ask, I will be happy to answer you.

Happy listening!

Original song by @Peter-Stone.

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But since I also play reggae, salsa and flamenco, I can afford to travel along the musical corridors.

That's so cool and to be versatile gives one more opportunity.
Could you play something flamenco someday? That's really a type of style I don't hear often.

Thank you. Maybe I'll try using flamenco for one of the beats.

That guitar sounds awesome