New Tune Every Day - "Stand Firm"

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Respect Reggaejahm 🇯🇲 🤛 & Hive!

In these days we gotta "Stand Firm" against the draconian, babylonian governments and their puppets. Chronic Law is one of my favorite Jamaican (Gangstah) singers. Like Skillibeng he still got to much gun-tunes, that's why i wanna highlight the God blessed tunes of dem youth even more...

It's something special if a Gangstah turns God-blessed...

Chronic Law - Stand Firm.jpg

DJ Luca1777 - Quality Selection Respecting the Culture.✌️

New Tune Every Day Is On! See You tomorrow.😉

Carpe diem

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I've really begun to appreciate reggae music because of it uplifting the spirits and this one doesn't shy away from it.

True, important in these days: uplifting, conscious Music...
Listening to this track daily...😉

Yeah, I'll try to remember this musician when I'm listening to music 👍.