Original music and cover art: Abysmal memory - Medusa - ReMix - Circle v.15

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I have been busy last two months with some new stuff, crypto and family. I diversified my work on this platform lately and was building a private hive-enabled WP blog. I done some creative work, new fiction and poetry. It took me a while to get into the state where I can make music.
I can make it, but it won't be "alive".
This is the first work for the new collection.
And the great thing about this one is that I actually write lyrics while I compose, so there is more to it.
I don't mix those two things, it is on another account, but it will come together in post.
I will stitch the lyrics in when I find correct way to do it elegantly.

Abysmal memory will be a little bit darker than the previous collection ( or album) called INKed Aye Drop, which was in better part flowy and imbibed with the energy and shadows.

This collection will have more of the dark and enchanted feeling of personal spiritual ripple through the fabric of the ambivalent all-powerful all-aware organism. It will be more organic, in a cytotoxic way, the artificially produced sound-malware.

Now, when it comes to the toxicity, the Medusa is a perfect embodiment of the instant on-sight deterioration, so I am presenting you with the poison the first.
Enjoy the sound.

Music and cover art made and arranged by aschatria.
Instrument: Groovy Loops pad, Set: Circle
Animation: Songrender, 1:1
Cover art: Deepdream enhanced Medusa render



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Sounds very unique an upbeat. I like how it transitions a bit calm and then picks back up and then calms down again. Cool transitions.

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