Video for Young Love released

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After my radio interview today I decided to take my mom to a place we had not been to for a drink. It is a secret beach called Serena - very Japanese and they serve Sushi

Such a pretty little bay

Freshly squeezed orange juice and mineral water

A gorgeous sunset

Lovely sky

The most fun we've had in a long time

I was on a live Instagram being interviewed by Styles from East Coast Radio in Natal - South Africa. We were expecting the videographer of the new music video to join us on the call and this stranger appeared and we asked who he was - turns out he was just a fan of Kyle's but didn't know what we were talking about - so it was really very amusing.

Styles was on top form and I really wish we had a copy of the interview.

From today's interview at East Coast Radio


And ... here's the video - hope you enjoy.


Much Love


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Your mom sent me the link and I must say that I love the song and the video itself. You are so beautiful and talented, Eden ❤️🌹!

Thank you so much Olga. Appreciate your comments

Great song really enhanced by a great video, so appropriate for the times.
Virtual date - I love it!

Thank you @apshamilton

You guys are awesome :)

More please. So cute!

Thank you @nickydee