Acoustic version of Young Love out today

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Today the acoustic version of Young Love has been released.

My previous two songs Bae and Flame Acoustic versions were so popular and many indicated their preference.

Now we have Young Love which reached No 1 on the East Coast Radio in Natal, South Africa.

We also have had three very different remixes done - one in the new very popular amapiano gender - one in future house and one other very different one in the making.

I would love to hear your comments on the comment section below.

Here is the original lyric video:

and the official music video released 3 days ago:

Music video shot in Cyprus and Durban, South Africa


Nice track my preference is the third version, have not listened to radio in some time no longer travel to/from work.

Congratulations on the number one slot.


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Thank you so very much for your continued support Joan - and for tweeting this out as well. Much appreciated.

Always a pleasure!

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