Three Tune Tuesday Dire Straits

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I'd like my three tunes to be Dire Straits this week because they are one of the great bands with one of the greatest albums of all time. Brothers in arms is now turning 37 years old now and it is still a great album and is played by radio stations across the world. When people are talking about the best bands ever or their favourite bands Dire Straits never really get a look in but yet we all know their great songs. We dance to the "Walk of Life" at weddings. We think Romeo and Juliet is one of the greats but they always get looked over.
You can also say you can spot their style a mile away and Mark Knopfler is probably the most underrated guitarist ever as well. He plays with his fingers rather than a plec which would be rare on an electric guitar. He also keeps his right pink glued to the top of the guitar. It's a weird style of play.

Everything is under rated about Dire Straits but they are the one band living on with the greats like Queen, The Beatles and the Beach Boys. I just think they are class.
I first got into Dire Straits in the first job I had. Stacking shelves in a supermarket. They had 3 albums on repeat. Boyzone (I know every word of their album Where We Belong.) It drove me demented. The second album was the best of Billy Joel . I know every word of that too. It was an improvement on Boyzone. Then there was Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits. I spent 4 years listening to this while putting beans on a shelf and loved every minute of it. So I would say I listened to Brothers In Arms over 1000 times. To be honest I could add all nine songs on this post as they are all good. Brothers In Arms is one of the all time greats.
Dire Straits are from the UK but I always think of the USA for some reason when I listen to them. Knopfler is actually from boom land. So let's get on with the three tunes.

So Far Away

The first song on the Brothers In Arms album is a cracker. The whole album is somewhat of a story.
The starting bit sums up Knopfler. You would know that guitar a mile off. He's the only guitar player that can use a flanger pedal and not ruin the song. He uses it so subtly.


Brothers In Arms


145 million views on Youtube can't be wrong. I love this song as the guitar are the vocals. The actual lyrics take second fiddle in this one. The song is very powerful. It's not a happy song but it's not really sad either. It's a weird one. Anyway you most likely know this one.

Romeo and Juliet

What a song. It's a long one but a masterclass. Right up to the end with those subtle solos. Ah here lads. Dire Strats have either got better or I have got older.


Dad bands forever!!!

Thanks to @ablaze


Definitely one of the greatest (rock) bands ever. I love those three songs and that album and heard 'brothers in arms' in my local and only village shop/cafe today and told the owner that I really like that song and band and that I got to know it via my father ( in the mid 90s ).

Hahah nice one. So they are still popular after so many years.

I love Dire Straits and saw them live back in the 80s. For me, I wasnt a fan of the 'poppy' Brothers in Arms album except for the title track . My 3 would be Telegraph Road, Tunnel of Love and Romeo and Juliet.

Hope you're well fella long left to the new season? I cant wait!

Interesting. I suppose it is a bit poppy. I'm good. Loving this transfer window so far!! World cup in November should be interesting. Looking forward to watching a world cup game when it's cold and gloomy outside.

Ah Blanchy, you've won me over with this one. I don't know who the fuck Boyzone is but Billy Joel and Dire Straits would make up for anything.

Brothers in Arms was one of my first cassettes and my first CD. I actually bought the cassette 4 times because some fucker would steal it or it would get destroyed in a car crash. You know, the usual way people lost cassettes in the 80s.

I liked it so much that when I got my first CD player in the 90s I bought it with the player. It didn't matter that I had it on cassette.

Knopfler was so masterful I would just listen on repeat and never get sick of it. Right now I'm listening to the second CD I ever owned.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane and do a little dance for me.

If there was anyone on Hive that liked Dire Straits it's you my friend. God that's a fairly mad excuse for not giving you back the cassette. The car crashed!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Must have been a crackhead.

Nice Blanchanardo, got 3 jams from them and didnt have to resort to their 2 well knowns. Money for nothing and sultans. But dam i do love his guitar style. Super talented tricky guitar their. Makes a duck swing like a sultan.

😂 😂 😂. The sultan quack. Prince of sleep apnea.

Shit, i cant refuse such titles lol. I was watching a guy on youtube called bald n bankrupt, cool guy from Brighton. He was talking about a place near glasgow i think, but how theres some animosity between north and south that i didnt know about, and with the Scots lol.

oh jesus yeah. The northerners are more working class. The southerns have more money. The government south screwed the Northerners over when they closed the mines in the 80's. Liverpool for example was fairly neglected through the years and they hate the crown.

Thats funny bro. Swear i need to play cards right rest of this year and i may have the chance to see more of the world in few years, hopefully when all these regulations calm too, but testing might not go away anytime soon anyways. Cool insight, my roots are closer there than here in the U.S ya know. Keep rockin blanch.

Ah we are free from all the testing here quackmanndoo. Get your ass over to Europe for a few weeks. I'm heading to Portugal tomorrow for a holiday flying to the sun

You effin boss lol, thats badass, enjoy, ill see ya on next posts brotha. Ill boss with ya 1 day.

Ah yes, Dire Straits, what a band! I have a friend who absolutely LOVES these guys and I have always had an auld soft spot for them myself with favorites including Tunnel of Love, Sultans of Swing, Brothers in Arms and

I enjoyed the three you shared and was laughing at the 1000 listens, I've a similar relationship with The Corrs, I worked in Glenlo Abbey in Galway for years during secondary school and Uni and used to work weddings at the bar and waitering, and the Corrs used to be on repeat for every feckin wedding, engrained into my brain for all eternity!! You got lucky with Dire Straits!!