Stick Up Music Friend's Highlight Of The Week - TDCTunes's New Track "Forest Spirit" Is Out

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Friend's highlight of the week

How could we pick anything else to share here this week than @tdctunes' new track! He deserves all the support he can get and we would love to see 1000 plays as soon as possible, can he make it?
You can check out what he has to say about his new track (and some Hive power up day stuff) in his own post here and if you just want to listen to the track directly, go here.

Awesome work again @tdctunes, we hope the track will be a huge hit!

Don't forget to show him your support in any way that you can if you love it..



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Thanks so much! It was so humbling to see so many get on board with trying to boost the first day of plays and we smashed the goal getting to over 2000!

Huge thanks to you and anyone that played it!

I guess sometimes you just gotta ask and people will help lol

yeah true - don't like doing that but this time people seemed to really get behind it as it was a short sharp focused ask. Let me know when you want the return favour!

lol well maybe we should ask more.....not gonna put much out at the moment as we just want the studio done!

lol bring on the studio! You need @pixiepost dust to help finish it?


probably do! Hope when it is done you will be done next year to play!

I'll be there soon as it's done!

you can come and sort the leads out....

Ha ha ha yess! Help is on the way @tdctunes @stickupboys !!!





Heck yeah!! Awesome choice! Of course, we cannot say enough about this track & as his mods, we got to keep it going.... ;)

I was happy to be a part of the plays & he did exceptionally well with all of our combined efforts! :) It truly is an awesome track & I dare to say, one of @tdctunes best ones yet!

Thanks for being awesome, my friend! Hope the studio is going well - looks like it's getting there. I know you will feel "normal" again once it's completed LOL.v💚


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Thanks so much for all your support and plays!

Always! It was a pleasure to help! :) It's what the #TDCGang does!!



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