Stick Up Boys Playlist Of The Week - Make Me Beautiful Remixes

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Stick Up Boys Playlist Of The Week - Make Me Beautiful Remixes

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Stick Up Music Playlist Of The Week - Make Me Beautiful All Remixes

This week we have a playlist especially dedicated to one of the Stick Up Boys songs "Make me beautiful". We do have a few songs remixed but this one has 9 versions. They are all different with other artists like @ambrosechappel, @djjamesblack and more. We are very curious which remix is your favorite and we'd love for you to leave a comment below maybe even with your top 3 of "Make me beautiful". Currently the playlist is 9 songs long and about 40 minutes but our playlists are constantly growing so more can be added in the future.

You can listen to this playlist on Spotify here:

And if you want to check out our music or playlists on Spotify, please go to our profile by clicking on Stick Up Music. Have fun listening and don't forget to leave your comment below,


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