Stick Up Boys And The New Studio - Update

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Stick Up Boys And The New Studio - Update

Remember the need for leads and @stickupboys requesting help for the chaos in the newly built studio? We regret to inform you that @tdctunes wasn't able to send over leads as he's using all of them, so no luck there.. No hard feelings there though!

The studio is not far from being fully operational so that's great because we have a bit of a backlog there. As you can see in the picture above, the desk looks quite in order and a lot better than with the last update!


A bit more is shown in the image above, as you see, there's no such thing as unused space here!


The leads are not yet under control, @stickupboys is working on it though! Maybe next time?
We also still need to get curtains and place a green screen and some other stuff. But the end is near, we will be happy when we can say we are fully operational without a backlog!

See you at the next update,


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I love a bit of 'gear porn'. I want all the details! Are you doing any acoustic treatment? That's something I haven't got into, but then my walls are cluttered with stuff anyway.

Will it stay this tidy?


lol we love gear porn too....we will be doing some videos and blogs on some of our gear this year and we have some acoustic treatment in behind the speakers and above my head! Will get more....and no it will never be tidy....


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Looking great! I can see some space for a wall of modular!


For some reason Popcorn popped into my head musically! 🎛️🎹

ooo I like the idea of musical popcorn. I think someone even compared some sounds I was making in one of my shows to it. Of course - I have no wasy way to easily reproduce that but I can try!

It would be fun to try something to make it happen!
I also had a second thought as I wrote that earlier, remember the 70's electronica of the same name? 🎶😃

oh yeah... maybe I should do my first ever cover version?!

Yeaaaah! lets go for it, this could be a lot of fun!



yep! When you coming down to do live stream from here?

This looks awesome. :)
Ahh would love to visit one day soon...push a string or two. :)

That would be awesome!

Wow that studio is looking better & better each time you do a report. I would be itching to get back to it with that kind of set up. :)

Psst... can I hire you to redo my home office? It is looking sad!! 😂 😂 I don't have leads but I can pay in Starbits! ;)

Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Thanks for the awesome updates! 💚 ✨



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lol errr well we had builders in....we did not actually do any of the building work lol

Ha ha that's okay. It just needs paint and a good computer/music set up! ;) Maybe @tdctunes can help. It would be epic to have a Pixie Palace Studio!


I will send him over to help....