Stick Up Boys And The Need For Leads

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Stick Up Boys new studio is close to being ready

At least the building of the studio part is, you can check out his last progress report here to see for yourself. Currently, he's trying to sort all the equipment and trying to ask for leads in a cry for help tagging @tdctunes. After all, he knows what's up!

You can also offer help if you have some sort of OCD, it will be rewarding to get this pile sorted:


Once this is all sorted and all equipment is set up in the new studio, it means @stickupboys can finally get to his endless list of work that needs to get done in the studio so it seems new things will be released in the future.


Make sure to send Stick Up Boys all the help he can get to see some new releases from our label asap.


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Ooooo this is looking awesome! Super psyched to see how it all comes together in the final result. :)

Those wires, though... that gives me anxiety just looking at it!! LOL. Smart idea to call on @tdctunes. I am grateful I am learning the music synth through my computer software!




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I always like to see some gear pics. I have a fair few cables myself with a little mixer on the desk to connect things up. Getting it all tidy is always a challenge.

Have fun!


Can't help you. My studio is a black hole for leads. Once they come in they never come out!