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And last-and most certainly least, from our backyard hootenanny at the new Club Pizazz out in Oberlin, Ohio, we have a set from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman And her Astro-Infinity-Tesla Arkestra, one of Cleveland's most well-respected and clean cut electronic artists.

Tonight's broadcast was an Octatrack (sampler\sequencer)-based set, with some loops from the Korg Wavestate ran into a Boss RC-30 loopstation, with some photocell oscillator laser action at the end for good measure. First live set in over two years, it i recall correctly...and if you dont count web streaming as a real gig-which, of course no one does.

Pope Visor provides the VHS and video feedback action. we have teamed up on some analog videos before, some of which I have even posted here in Alien Art Hive... I'm still overdue to give him the Hive intro class, but he is interested.

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