A Childhood Friend I Would Love To Meet.

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I entered secondary school as a non-socialized person, so I was this kind of person that didn't make too many friends, I only felt comfortable with the people I knew, I loved to stay around my friends or if they were not around I would then stay with my sister and her friends or I would stay lonely.


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I was this kind of timid person that is not ready to face the outside world, but as time went on my understanding was brightened and I learnt to be ready to face whatever faces you but before then, I attended a boarding school and I had just four main friends, we were a group of guys that loved to outsmart other students not in a way to cheat them but to protect our provisions from the tourogh begging attitude of boarding students, so if any one wants to ask for our provisions, we would look for a way not to lie but to escape with smart answers and not also to hurt the person because we might need his help in th feature.

We were a group of five and among us we still had sub-groups, 2, 2, and 1, the last guy was just left alone but still part of the group, the sub-grouping was not kind of intentional, the reason I was close to the guy I was close to was because we were the same tribe so I felt more like brother to him but we were all friends and there was not dispute among us(pls don't mind my English)

My closest friend was like a brother to me, I can even remember vividly that anytime I resumed school from the holiday break, I would always mistake him for my brother, calling him with my brother's name, that was how close.we.were.

I remember how we met, I was this kind of silent funny guy, I said silent funny guy because I never had plans of becoming a comedian so I kept it to myself and also looking at the other side I was a non-socialized person, so as I was saying, I was a funny guy and my friend was like a rich kid so if I.said some funny words that made him laugh, he would enrich me with a little of his provision but that didn't last as we became more closer and I never did it to cheat him, I was only enjoying the privilege I saw.

As time went on we became like best friends, he knew what I loved to eat as a boarding school student "ground nut", so anytime he resumes from the break, he would just keep my share of his groundnut and I also will reserve something for him.

But unfortunately for me the school fees became more costly to afford and my parents withdraw me from the school, it was so sudden that I never said a propal good by, I only went for holidays and was told I would not be going back to the school due to some challenges, I never knew that he missed me more than I missed him until the day I went back to the school to collect some of my stuffs and a transfer latter to my new school, he was crying when he saw me, I had to buy him something to console him, I was forming boss because I was not longer a boarding student, you know boarding students also means burden students so I was kind of free from the burden.

Till date I've searched for the guy on every possible social media but all went to no progress, I still believe that one day we would meet again and that day would be titled "A lost joy found".

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There's no how you guys will still meet again.this world is like water.

Ya maybe

I really hope you guys get to meet. The odds are low anyways

Thanks for coming around
Really appreciate

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Who knows maybe you'll be the next basket mouth or Mr macaroni 😃😃

Smart move man, you quickly made use of your opportunity with the rich kid, such is life.
The relationship we had with our childhood friends is massive, I still miss mine too till now.

I don't mind being the basket mouth just if they pay me enough
Thanks for coming around