Still awake (can't sleep) 2:19 am Sunday!

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Yesterday I went for music rehashing and came back very late towards evening hours and I wasn't feeling all that strong so I had to quickly take my bath, eat and had some medicines. for the moment I was feeling sleepy and went to bed very early but the issue here is that I haven't been able to go back to bed since I woke up around 1: 23 am. and just sitting on my bed is not helping so I thought I share it here.

I can feel already that I need to take warm medicine as soon as possible before I regret this. I was feeling that earlier yesterday but didn't take it seriously and now I can feel how bad it is. I know nothing is going to happen or something except for the fact that I need to take warm medicine as soon as it is bright in the morning. and oh before I forget today is Sunday and I will be going to church with food for the very first time reasons that I will be very hungry after one hour of taking the warm medicine and I will need to eat. My church closes by 12:00 in the afternoon and I don't think I can't stay hungry till that period combined with the fact that I will be on drugs so that is why I'm going with food.

My project defence was on Friday but I think I didn't have enough time to wrap it up here for you guys so I will be making a post that how it went tomorrow and explain my happiness and results here. the dress you see above on the pictures was exactly my look for yesterday's choir rehearsals and I did wanted to make this post last night but probably too dizzy and sleep off only to be awake by this ungodly hour of the night. indeed writing do help as I feel more is exhausted right now, it might be that I will still get to sleep for another 3 hours before church which is a good thing and at this point I feel like I should to wash off my face and that I might fall asleep again. I am listening to my instincts so I will leave you guys here now but by the way Happy Sunday!

Thanks for reading!

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It'll be Sunday here for us in just a few hours, and I may just work on my first post in days after engageing here on Hive.

Oh really? That is awesome!

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